Thursday, 13 November 2014

Sea Salt, Chilli and Troika

It's been a couple of months since I last blogged about any chocolate, but I'm still working towards my goal of trying 50 new chocolates (goal #64 on The List).

Here's the latest three, which involve sea salt, chilli and marzipan!

Madecasse Sea Salt & Nibs
This dark chocolate bar contains, as the name suggests, a combination of sea salt and cocoa nibs! It's nicely packaged in a paper outer wrapper, with a plastic inner wrapper.
The bar itself is split into large sections, stamped with the brand name on one side, and sprinkled with salt and cocoa nibs on the other.

I was interested in trying this bar because it is 'bean to bar in Africa'. As the flap of the outer wrapper states, the chocolate is made from scratch in Madagascar, which has 4x the impact of fair trade cocoa. Of course, I also chose it as I'd not tried this flavour before!
I discovered that I do not like sea salt chocolate. Sad times! However the taste of cocoa in this bar is lovely (the bar contains 63% cocoa). Madecasse's website details their impact in Madagascar, which sounds great! Though I didn't enjoy this chocolate bar, I feel encouraged to try another flavour!

Thornton's Dark Chocolate with Chilli
A plastic-foil wrapped, square-shaped chocolate bar in a bright red box!
This contains 66% cocoa from Mexico. The cocoa content is evident the moment you open the packet and a lovely, rich chocolatey smell rises up to greet you.

The bar is formed of a combination of square and rectangular pieces. Whilst I like mildly spicy food, I was a little concerned that this bar might be too hot for me, but the chilli 'kick' isn't overpowering: it enhances the flavour of the cocoa.
Suitable for vegetarians, this bar is also gluten and alcohol-free.
I enjoyed this one, but definitely couldn't (and probably shouldn't) eat a whole one in one go.

Nidar Troika
Not to be confused with the valuable pottery, Troika bar, from Nidar, is a nice 66g bar all the way from Norway!
This shiny red packaged bar was amongst a pile of chocolate bars that my Mum brought back with her from the duty free, after she'd been working away (I won't write about the others as they aren't 'new' to me, but needless to say I enjoyed them very much!)

The bar is made up of layers of marzipan, truffle and jelly, covered in dark chocolate. I was a little apprehensive about whether I would like Troika because of the marzipan (which I usually detest) but it was only a thin layer and contributed nicely to the overall taste.
Now I just need for Mum to go work in Norway again, so I can have another one ;)

With this lot, I'm 22 bars down, 28 to go before I reach the goal! I wonder what I'll end up trying next?

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