Sunday, 23 March 2014

The List

Here it is, my To Do List. It’s in the form of a 101/1001 list with the idea of doing 101 things in 1001 days. This fits in pretty well with my wanting to Do Things, as it gives me a time frame for doing said things! Nevermind that, haha. I'm not great with sticking to time frames, and still have a lot to do (and haven't reached 101 things yet)

The list isn’t finished and I’ve included goals to attempt both at and away from home. There are plenty for days when the weather is rubbish, and plenty for when the sun is shining!

So here goes…

001. Fill a sketchbook with artwork/studies of only one subject - Complete!
I’ll decide what at a later date.

002. Sell things I’ve made at a craft fair - Complete!

003. Go to the cinema alone
Had this on my first 101 but never got around to it.

004. Travel overseas
A bit of wishful thinking, but with luck the opportunity will arise!

005. Go beach-combing - Complete!
I want to see what I can find!

006. Paint a picture on canvas - Complete!
I’ve only ever painted on paper. Canvas seems like a scary next step, but I’m willing to try.

007. Send 10 fan letters
Have done this before. It never hurts to let people know you value their work, no matter how large or small their fanbase.

008. Eat Japanese food - Complete!
Something that isn’t sushi. There is more to Japanese cuisine than sushi.

009. Take a trip that goes to at least 3 places
A bit like a road trip, but on public transport.

010. Visit 30 museums/art galleries/exhibitions - In Progress!
The UK has more museums and galleries than it knows what to do with. I should visit more of them!

011. Sing in public - Complete!
Scary! But I like singing…

012. Complete 3 photography projects - In Progress!
Topics are yet to be decided. I don’t have a fancy SLR, just a point and shoot, or my phone. But it isn’t the tools--it’s what you do with them.

013. Go swimming - Complete!
When I was a child, I loved swimming! But I’ve not swum for quite a few years now. Hence it’s on the list!

014. Start a collection of found objects - Complete!
Found objects can be really interesting. I want some!

015. Create an assemblage - Complete!
Assemblages are something I learnt about when studying GCSE Art & Design. Our class had to create them, and I found it a fun project! I’d like to make another one.

016. Go to a foreign flea market
This could combine with ‘travel overseas’. I’ve been inspired by the French and Belgian flea markets on programs like BBC’s Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

017. Record myself singing and share it - Complete!
Another scary thing! As I mentioned before, I like singing. But I’m shy!

018. Walk a llama - Complete!
This is here because it’s a bit of a random activity. Llamas are random too. I like llamas.

019. Abseil down something
When I went to an activity centre with school, I chickened out of abseiling because I was afraid of how high up I was. I want to prove to myself that I can do it.

020. Reach the top of a climbing wall/go rock climbing
Another school, another activity centre…I got halfway up the climbing wall and decided, ‘that’s enough!’ As with abseiling, I want to prove to myself that I can do it. Rock climbing on actual rocks is a reasonable substitute, though I’d prefer a man-made climbing wall.

021. Go wine/whisky/gin tasting
I like these things. Going to an event where I can taste varieties of one of them would be rather nice, wouldn’t it!

022. Make 1 of my costume designs
For my last 101, I designed 50 outfits. Some were completely outlandish and possibly even gravity-defying. But it’s about time I made one of the plausible ones!

023. Write positive and encouraging messages on stones at a beach
Hardly a new idea, but I think it would be nice to do.

024. Enter a writing competition - Complete!
Although I’ve written stories and poems most of my life, I haven’t entered any writing competitions since I was 9 years old! I’m not completely confident in my writing abilities like I was when I was nine, so entering would push me to have a little more faith in myself!

025. Write 1 haiku per day for 1 month - Complete!
Each day a poem
Of seventeen syllables
Enjoy the haiku

026. Write 1 flash fiction per day for 1 month - Complete!
Seriously, I need to stop being lazy and write more. It doesn’t matter if I write rubbish, so long as my creativity is being exercised!

027. Write 1 sonnet per day for 1 month - Complete!
Sonnets take a lot of effort to write: the rhyming couplets, the iambic pentameter, etc. I went through a phase of writing them, then I got bored and stopped. It’s time I started again.

028. Walk at least 3 times a week for 3 months- Complete!
Every so often, I intend to start walking frequently. It never happens. This is bad, because I live in a rural area that can be nice to walk in! Even if I’m only out for twenty minutes, it’s better than not walking at all.

029. Listen to 2 new musical acts every week for 1 year - Complete!
Occasionally I happen upon a new musical act that I immediately love. It would be great if this happened more often!

030. Go out somewhere and compliment 5 strangers
I’m socially awkward so this will be a challenge. But I’d like to be more at ease with saying something nice to people!

031. Hold breath for 1 minute - Complete!
This is just a silly one. I could do it when I was a child, but now I can barely manage forty seconds. That’s no good!

032. Take up the NaNoWriMo challenge again - Complete!
Admittedly I’ve participate in NaNoWriMo every year since 2010. I’ve written utter nonsense but with NaNoWriMo, it’s quantity over quality. Who knows, this time around I may even challenge myself with a more difficult story!

033. Memorise every country in Africa - Complete!
Questions related to African countries always pop up on TV quiz shows like Pointless. I never learnt much about the African continent when I was in school (geography lessons only ever went as far as Europe) so I think it would be fun to learn all of these countries!

034. Learn to say Hello (or Good day) in 30 languages
I like languages and ‘hello’ is a good start.

035. Complete ‘Japanese for Busy People’ vol 1 - In Progress!
This book, and the accompanying workbook, have been gathering dust for too long. I need to finish them!

036. Eat/drink in 30 new places (cafes, restaurants, food stands…) - Complete!
Whenever I’m out, I tend to go to the same old places for food and refreshments! It becomes unvaried and boring, so I want to check out new places!

037. Go to an event that isn’t an anime convention -Complete!

038. Go on the Brighton Sewer Tour - Complete!
I saw this on TV. It’s an unusual tour and I’m nosy, so I want to go.

039. Explore 30 towns/cities/villages - In Progress!
This country alone has so many places to nose about and wander! All I need is a bus ticket (or a few miles walk) and I’m away!

040. Follow the Brighton Sculpture Trail - Complete!
Found the existence of this when looking up things to do in Brighton. Usually I only go to the city in order to shop, barely noticing the sculptures. It would be interesting to follow the trail and learn about them.

041. Ride the Volks Railway - Complete!
Volks Railway is a 130 year old narrow gauge railway that runs along Brighton seafront. I’ve never ridden on it.

042. Check out a different type of performance art - Complete!
This will probably be something like dance. I’ll see what events I find!

043. Try foods of 5 different countries - In Progress!
I’ve already decided that sweets totally count in this, because some countries have amazingly unusual sweets (such as Japan’s Choco-cocoa Daifuku, which are amazing).

044. Try 10 foods/drinks I’ve never tried before - Complete!
Food eaten for #43 doesn’t count
Basically there isn’t a lot that I won’t try at least once.

045. Complete the 100 Push Ups training program
This should be interesting, considering I struggle to do even one!

046. Write 10 original stories of 1000+ words (NaNoWriMo does not count) - Complete!
I want to write more. This is motivation (I hope).

047. Use exercise DVDs at least 2 times per week for 6 months
The DVDs in question are from 10 Minute Solution. I’ve not used them for a while due to various circumstances, but I used to enjoy it.

048. Visit 5 different counties - In Progress!
Note that’s counties (as in states or provinces), not countries.  The one I live in doesn’t count.

049. Enter 10 competitions/prize draws every day for 1 month - Complete!
That’s around 300 competitions. I don’t even know if I’ll find ten to enter each day, but I’ll do my best! I might even win something!

050. Read 3 books per month for 1 year - Complete!
My cupboard houses an entire pile of books waiting to be read. I should get on with it!
That’s 36 books in a year, by the way. My pile isn’t quite that big, but almost.

051. Study Japanese for 30 minutes, 5 times a week, for 6 months
This should help me finish Japanese for Busy People I, but I want to study outside of that book too. This will include reading and writing Japanese, and handwritten kanji practise.

052. Crochet a hat - Complete!
At time of writing, I can barely crochet a single row. This should be interesting lol

053. Design 50 outfits/costumes - Complete!
I liked this one when I did it for my previous 101/1001 list, so I’m going to do it again. Maybe this time I’ll design it all around a particular theme!

054. Make presents for 5 different people
Considering the fact I like making things, I don’t make presents often enough. Friends and family beware: your presents may be handmade!

055. Create 52 paintings in 1 year - Complete!
Technically that’s just one per week, but knowing what I am like when it comes to creative pursuits, that could well be ten in a week, then nothing for six months! Through this, I hope to teach myself a little self-control, haha

056. Enter an art competition
If I’m doing all that painting, I need to do something with it, don’t I!

057. Have a singing lesson
Though I like singing, I’m not confident in my abilities and would like to improve my range…this can’t be done in a single lesson, but one lesson will be enough for me to decide if I like being taught to sing or not (one lesson is also probably all I can afford!)

058. Send 10 postcards with artwork drawn by myself - Complete!
More excuses to make art! I struck upon this idea after seeing a book of blank art postcards in the shop at the Tate Modern. I didn’t buy them because I can pick up blank postcards cheaper elsewhere, but I like the idea of personalising both sides of a postcard for the recipient!

059. Go to 5 music events - Complete!
I really enjoy music. Plenty of festivals and concerts happen in the UK so I should take my pick and enjoy some!  

060. Grow a plant from seeds and give cuttings to people - Complete! 
A friend suggested this one. I really like the idea!

061. Watch 100 films - Complete!
I don't watch films very often. 100 is a bit of a challenge, especially since I don't even own 100 DVDs, but this should mean I'll try out new films as well as rewatching ones I've seen a million times.

062. Watch 100 TED/TEDx Talks - Complete!
There are tonnes of these on YouTube, and loads in my watch later list!

063. Learn to sing a song in a foreign language - Complete!
This will require more concentration than learning one in English. The language and the song are currently undecided, though I have songs in Finnish, Japanese and German so it might be one of those!

064. Eat 50 different chocolates - Complete!
Chocolate bars, individual chocolates, maybe even hot chocolates will count here--depends what I find!

065. Complete a 365 Project - Complete!
I should take more photos with intention, rather than simply instagramming random things!

066. Pick fruit outside - Complete!
Ideally I’d go to a Pick-Your-Own place, though these require my persuading someone with a car to go with me! The alternative is to go blackberry and apple-picking along the local public footpaths.

067. Sell unwanted things at a car boot fair - Complete!
Again, this requires help of Person With Car (likely Dad)…but it has been done before, so it can be done again!

068. Send Happy Post to 5 people - Complete!
This is something I always intend to do, so hopefully listing it here publically means I’ll actually do it!
It’s awesome to receive something other than bills and bank statements in the post. With this, I hope to send off little packages of awesome to five people I know, just because they are awesome.

069. Complete an online course - Complete!
At the end of last year/beginning of this year, I did an online course with iversity. I’ve since signed up to a whole bunch of free (and paid!) courses on Udemy, but haven’t started on the majority of them. It’s time I changed that!

070. Go to a comedy event - Complete!
It’s good to laugh, so I don’t know why I didn’t think of this one sooner!

071. Have a picnic - Complete!
This is something I haven’t done properly since I was a child! I want a picnic basket with sandwiches and little cakes and a tablecloth to sit on!

072. Ride a mechanical bull - Complete!
I have to have something a bit mad on here, don’t I? Hopefully they still have one on Brighton pier…

073.  Learn 3 dance routines
This will most likely be para para routines...

074. Write 3 songs/pieces of music (and let people hear them)
Since I don’t know how to do this, it’s going to really be a challenge!

075. Make something delicious using something I usually hate the taste of - Complete!
Beetroot chocolate cake perhaps. (Beetroot tastes like rot to me.)

076. Make 3 sculptures
Medium is undecided as yet. Depends what I can get my hands on!

077. Make a short film or animation
Challenging, but something different! Subject to be decided, but it will probably be free from dialogue.

078. Read a fiction book in another language
I am far from fluent in any language, so I guess I’ll need a dictionary too. In this case, I may try and track down a book in German. Preferably a short one!

079. Go to see a play - Complete!
There are a zillion theatres in the area. I haven’t gone to see a play since secondary school (Romeo & Juliet, if I remember correctly).

080. Refashion/upcycle 3 items of clothing - Complete!
Sometimes it's the style. Sometimes it's the size. Sometimes absolutely everything is wrong and you wonder why you bought it in the first place. This goal is about turning something unwearable into something useful, be it a refashioned garment or a set of fabric storage tubs.

081. Try a new craft or creative pursuit - Complete!
I love creating, but I always stick to the same things (painting, sewing, writing, jewellery making...) Time to try something new!

082. Go on a day trip - Complete!
Places that are under 30 minutes away don't count. Nor do trips done for goal #48 (visiting 5 counties)

083. Ride in a hot air balloon
It looks like fun.

084. Climb the O2 - Complete!
I'm using the word 'climb' a bit loosely, but I've wanted to do this since I found out that it's possible.

085. Fire a gun - Complete!
I enjoyed the rifle range on a school trip to an activity centre. That was quite a while ago now, and admittedly I changed this goal from 'go clay pigeon shooting' because this allows more flexibility.

086. Milk a cow
Why not!

087. Memorise a poem
This is not going to be Tennyson's The Lady of Shallot because I tried that before and my brain laughed at me. On the other hand, perhaps that means it should be that poem...?

088. Go ice skating - Complete!
There have been several occasions when I've nearly gone ice skating. Sliding my way to the bus stop on a winter's morning doesn't count.

089. Make 3 items of clothing from patterns - In Progress!
I have patterns, and I do sew, but most of the time I get lazy and make simple skirts using no patterns whatsoever.

090. Ride a zip line - Complete!
I'm not keen on the being suspended in mid air by a wire part, but whizzing through the air sounds like fun.

091. Make something with power tools
Power tools are noisy and dangerous. I have no idea how to use them. All the more reason to discover this and make something, right?

092. Learn a new skill
It's good to learn new things!

093. Complete 30 fanarts                            
Because I really needed another excuse to make art.

094. Fire a bow
Crossbow, longbow, any kind of bow-type weapon. Let me fire arrows at stuff! 

095. Throw an axe - Complete!
If I'm going to fire a gun and a bow, I might as well invoke my inner Viking and throw an axe, too! 

That's it for now. I'll add more as I think of them.

If you have any suggestions, please comment!  
I'd love to hear your ideas.


  1. I am so looking forward to watching you attack this list. Great idea.

  2. I have just discovered your blog, what a lovely idea to make a list of 100 tasks. I will think about your request for ideas and will get back to you.

  3. That unknown was me Paula x

  4. Great list! I am impressed by how many creative things you have on here, whether costume designing, painting, or photographing. This list looks really fun and ambitious. I don't know whether you'd be interested in these, but here are a few suggestions of items to add that I liked trying: milk a cow, shoot a gun, memorize a favorite poem.

  5. I was studying earlier and suddenly remembered number 34 on your list of goals for some reason. So, just in case you wanted some help (assuming you don't know these ones already), here's how to say "hello" in a few languages:

    Russian - Здравствуйте [Zdravstvuyte - said zdravst-vi-tyeh, with a rolled "r" after the d] (hello). If you leave off the "tyeh", it becomes more informal and a bit more like "hi" in English.

    Привет [Privet] (hi/informal hello). (You can also say "алло"/allo [hello] if answering the phone)

    Swedish - Hallå [said ha-llo-a] (hello, mainly for the phone); Hej [said hey/hei] (hello/hi - general use)

    Danish - Hallå [said ha-llo] (hello, not sure about the usage); Hej [said hi/hai] (hello/hi, again not sure about the usage)

    Polish - Dzień dobry [said djen dob-reh, with the "d" and "j" sounds merging together slighly] (good day/hello). Cześć [said chesh-ch, all one one syllable] (hi/hello/hey, more informal)

    Hope that helps a bit. Feel free to delete this comment after you've got these if you want to keep this thread tidy. :)

    1. Ooh that's really handy, thank you! I've not got particularly far with that goal yet so it's really useful ^^