Saturday, 5 March 2016

Swimming with the Dolphin

On Wednesday, I was able to strike off another goal from The List!
13. Go swimming
My friend Sara had suggested it ages ago, but we kept putting it off--until now!

So I grabbed my old tankini (glad that it still fits) and a towel, and we headed off to this place...

...yeah. I didn't swim with actual dolphins, I swam at The Dolphin, a leisure centre in Haywards Heath.
My parents used to take me swimming at The Dolphin when I was small, and I'm not sure if they've massively remodelled or if I'd completely forgotten what it looked like!

As it turned out, I'd also pretty much forgotten how to swim. It's been over ten years since I last went swimming! Thank goodness the pool had a slow lane! I first learnt to swim in primary school, but never really mastered the breast stroke (which is meant to be the easiest!) I still can't do it that well, despite some advice from my friend. I can, at least, still do backstroke, which is what I ended up doing for half the time I was in the pool.

Photoshopped so you don't see my bloodshot eyes!

Wednesday's swimming expedition has really highlighted how weak my muscles are, and how unfit I am. After just two lengths, my body was making it's displeasure known. But I persevered and ended up swimming around 14 lengths in total.

I'll definitely go swimming again. I need a lot of practise!


  1. We shall endure and gain strength! hahahah (eventually)

  2. I made a similar experience concerning "forgetting mostly how to swim" the last time I went swimming, which was... last year or so I think? :\ You are right now inspiring me to go swimming again asap, especially since there is a cool pool in school (Actually, not in school, but it rhymes greatly :D... I meant, in our town / village!!). Thanks for the inspiration and the entry and YAY another goal!! :)