Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Singing Robots and Lion Explorers

Look at me, posting this early! (And failing at Doing Things other than lurking on YouTube...)

This week's selection for my music goal was part recommended by a friend, part recommended by YouTube (because sometimes, YT does recommend good stuff!)
...still, my friend was more on the mark...

Steam Powered Giraffe
With a name like that, you know it's gonna be promising, right?
It was my friend Lilia who recommended this act to me, and I'm really grateful that she did!
This steampunk musical project hails from the United States, and has built up an entire fictional backstory around their robot personas. Not many musical acts have their own lore!
The lineup has changed a few times since they first began, but all members are multitalented, not only through composition and lyrics but also through mime, acting and the element of comedy that slips into some of their performances. So the music is consistently fantastic, with some great harmonies!
Along with original songs, they've also covered a few well-known tracks, which turned out awesome.
I spent a lot of time watching their videos on YouTube, though this act has made so much music that I haven't had a chance to hear it all yet! Needless to say, I've full intention of buying some albums.
...I've probably written enough here to give the impression that I liked these singing robots, didn't I?
Good. Go give them a listen.
Steam Powered Giraffe Official Website

Galileo Galilei
This Japanese rock act was YouTube's suggestion! Being a fan of the genre, I'd heard about them in passing, but never listened to them.
...typically, I listen a month before they are due to disband.
Their music is what I consider pretty standard for a softer-sounding rock act; it's very easy to listen to, with catchy choruses and nice vocals.
The songs I listened to had a really nice, hopeful and upbeat sound to them, and some of the imagery used in their music videos - such as the one I linked above, which looks - is really appealing.
Lyric translation for above song
Galileo Galilei Official Website

I enjoyed the music of both the acts I've written about today, though Steam Powered Giraffe was my favourite. I'm such a sucker for strong imagery and concept!

For more of the acts I've listened to for this goal, check out the tag.

(And I'll do my best to post something that isn't music soon!)


  1. Steam Punk Giraffe are great! I like the way they have an element of fun within their concept and music without being overly silly or having it overpower the music too much. Glad you liked them :D

    I'd not heard of Galileo Galilei before but the song you posted is good! For me, the lyrics make the song 100 times better (they're beautiful) because whilst the music is nice, I'm not sure I could listen to a whole album of melodies like that. The video is great though! Such a fantastic animation style <3

    1. Came here from the goal re-cap post you did...just noticed I called them "Steam Punk Giraffe" above. WTF XD