Thursday, 10 March 2016

Angels and Light

It's that time of the week again! For my music goal this week, I listened to one act of a genre that is usual for me, and one that was a bit different to the norm...

Vox Luminis
This Belgian ensemble specialise in 16th-18th century vocal music. Their harmonies are really beautiful and the performances sound so emotive and dramatic! This is perfect music to have playing if you want to sit and daydream or relax.
Not entirely sure where I heard about this act, but I'm glad I did, because their work is lovely.
Vox Luminis Official Website

Balaam and the Angel
The original members of this rock group hail from Scotland, though the band itself was formed in England.  Everything about the music and video screams the 80s (which isn't a surprise, since they were an 80s band, though judging from Wikipedia they reformed in 1991). I enjoyed listening to it, anyway!
As before, I'm not sure exactly where I heard of this band, but I'm pretty sure it was a recommendation!
Balaam and the Angel Official Website

So, I'm 10 weeks into this challenge, more or less 1/5 of the way through. You can see the other acts I've written about on the tag for this goal, and if you want to see more of any artist, I've created a YouTube playlist for the songs I've listened to--usually this is around 3 videos per artist.

I am always looking for new acts to listen to, so if you have suggestions, let me hear them! Any genre, and any era (so long as I can find them on YouTube!)

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