Thursday, 3 March 2016

Trash People Party

This week's music involves a couple of acts I happened upon by chance...

sibile bashir
This is a crazy-sounding band from Japan! I don't know if the video I linked above is an official music video, but it entertains me. The song is 'gomi ningen' (essentially 'trash human being').  Their YouTube account has some cleaner-looking music videos but they're not really cleaner in content!
Their music has something of a manic sound to it, and their music videos contain strange imagery!
I think this is an act where you won't always know what to expect...
sibile bashir Official Website

Soho Party
I think I found this group through idly browsing! In case the video doesn't make it blindingly obvious, Soho Party were a Hungarian dance/pop group active in the 1990s. Their music is bouncy and catchy, really typical of the era and genre . I don't know if this is true for Hungarian chart music specifically, but it was definitely the kind of dance music played in the 90s in the UK!

That's my two musical acts for this week. For previous weeks, with music from other countries and genres, check out my tag for this challenge.

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  1. You have now exposed me to Hungarian Eurodance. Hurray :D I love the PV as well, haha.

    Also, I kept hearing a word in the chorus as "танцы" (tantsy), which is "dancing/dance" in Russian, so I looked up what the title of the song actually means. "Gyere és táncolj" means "Come and Dance", apparently. That was interesting too, so thank you for posting this song :D