Sunday, 26 June 2016

Boot It

For the past couple of years, I've been nagging, nagging, and nagging my poor Dad about doing some car boot sales to get rid of the tremendous amount of unwanted stuff we have knocking around the house. I'd have pestered Mum too, but she doesn't drive, so Dad got all the pestering. Sorry Dad!

Anyway, suffice to say, boot sales didn't happen.
Or rather, they did happen, but we didn't go to them.

And the pile of stuff grew larger...

So you can imagine how pleased I was when last week, my friend Sara suggested doing a boot sale.

Hell yes, I said, wondering how on earth we were going to get all my stuff, and all her stuff, into her trusty little car... (Spoiler: We managed it).

Most of it was clothes: things that no longer fit, things I'd made but didn't like anymore, things that just aren't my style, things I bought but never had anything to wear with them, and of course, those inevitable 'Ill wear it one day' buys.

So we trawled off at a time that is almost inhuman to me, ever the late-riser. We set up, made some money, resisted the temptation of the nearby donut van, and went away with around £50 between us, less the pitch fee.
It was a bit of a disappointing total, to be honest, but it was also Father's Day and the week before Pay Day, so I guess shoppers were really feeling the pinch.
I'd sold a few things for one of my sisters, so after deducting that from my personal total, I'd made just over £10... Not great, really, but that's £10 more than I would've made snoring in bed!

As for my sister, she was pleased with the money I'd made for her!

So pleased that she wanted to do a car boot sale too--no prizes for guessing how I spent my morning!

This weekend being pay day weekend, there seemed to be a lot more bargain-hunters, and this time our combined total was just over £90 (less pitch fee, again). Slightly better there!

Personally I still didn't make an awful lot of money, but still nearly twice what I made last week. This is probably because the majority of my stuff is being sold really cheaply; I don't have any high-value items!
But again, that's more money than I would have had if I'd been sitting at home, and it's great that my sister was able to make some money, as she's trying to save for her wedding!

I've been so desperate to do a boot sale and get rid of some of this stuff, that I'd even made it a goal, right back when I first wrote The List!
067. Sell unwanted things at a car boot fair
And next weekend? My sister and I are doing it all over again... Fingers crossed we'll shift even more stuff!

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