Thursday, 9 June 2016

A Little Music

This week, the new-to-me artists I listened to were both happened upon by chance! However, I couldn't find much music by either of them on good old YouTube. The first only has one song there...

This group hails from Japan, and is made up of elderly ladies and was the brainchild of musician Kikuo Tsuchida. The name is a play on the name of the idol group AKB48, and means Kohamajima Ba-chan Gasshodan  - Kohama Island's Granny Choir! Their average age is 84, with the oldest member being in her late nineties!
I found the concept of a 'granny band' really cute and entertaining. Don't let the beginning of the song fool you, as this one becomes more energetic!
KBG84 Official Website

Venice Valley
This electro-pop band comes from Hungary! Their sound makes me think of 80's music.
Their music wasn't really my kind of thing, but that doesn't mean that it's terrible. The vocalist has a nice voice and the music is well-played, just the genre isn't my cup of tea.
It was difficult to find any information on this band, so I can't write much about them either. D=
Venice Valley on

That's it for another week!
Lately, I'm noticing that I'm hearing a lot more new-to-me music, completely by chance...

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  1. The first song reminds me of that Eurovision song with the Russian grannies on, because they kept saying "come on and dance" in the chorus too (it's not the same at all though, apart from that lol). This song is a better song though...interesting to hear it at least, so thanks, since I'd not heard it before! :)