Monday, 27 June 2016

Obligatory Weekly Photo Post

Usually, I would have posted a photo for a theme challenge this week. But it's been a week where I've achieved very little, so I didn't get around to taking any photos for the themes (I had one idea but it wasn't an idea I could actually do...)

Since I'm becoming accustomed to posting photographs on this blog, here's one I took a couple of weeks ago, of Palace Pier* in Brighton. After chatting recently to a fellow volunteer and photographer, I've  been trying out this 'impressionistic photography' thing, which googling around seems to be a bit of a matter of using a slower shutter speed and continuous shooting to get a blurred, artsy result.

I'm still getting the hang of it, and want to think of more ideas for locations/images! But I'm pleased with how this picture turned out. So here it is, in lieu of any actual theme challenge post.

I'll participate next time!

(*It will always be Palace Pier to me. West Pier still stands!)

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