Saturday, 18 June 2016

I Spy Through a Hole in the Sky...

See Air

For the theme challenge on Delightful Aberrations this week, I opted for the theme of hole.

I ended up with two versions of the final image, the one above, and this one:

I Spy...
They both have a different feeling to them, don't they!
I wasn't so lucky as to catch a bird through the sight of the agate slice, let alone have both in focus (is that even possible?!) so I created this image using two separate photos: one of a pigeon in the sky, and one of the agate/my hand.

Then there's this 'bonus picture', which again is photographed through the agate, but with focus through it rather than on it:

Mountain in Clouds
So these are my three images for this week! If I'd not done this, I would have tried to make some creepy, surreal images instead, but after week 10, perhaps I should give it a little rest ;)

To see the images from past weeks' challenges, check out my photography tag, and remember to keep an eye on Delightful Aberrations to see what other participants are doing!

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  1. They might not be creepy and surreal, but they're absolutely gorgeous images! I love the way the light is shining through the agate and the way you managed to capture a pigeon(?) in the middle of it in the top two.