Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Nothing Makes A Walk Quite Like...

Something I am absolutely blessed with is the area I live in. Okay, so it's a pain in the ass to get anywhere and public transport is non-existent on a Sunday, but what we do have is a lot of public footpaths that meander across the countryside.

And what does the countryside mean? Animals! On a single walk, I can encounter sheep (with lambs!), horses, cows and alpacas! (And a goat, which you can see in the picture above.)

What could be more awesome than an alpaca, you ask?

Shaved Alpacas.
Alright, maybe I'm getting a little over-excited for seeing an animal farmed for its wool in its shorn state, but aren't they cute? They're also very curious creatures!

I happened upon these animal friends after a traipse through several fields, past numerous sheep and a horse having a roll in a buttercup-strewn meadow:

This area is so picturesque at this time of year! I always tire myself out walking this particular route, which is a tad over 5k and mostly uphill, but it's worth it for the wonderful views!

Last time, nature also gifted me with a little treat...

This jay swooped across the road in front of me when I was on the return leg of my walk! Usually they're really timid and don't stick around anywhere near humans, but this one sat in the tree just long enough for me to take out my phone and take one picture, before it flew off!

All this walking counts towards one of the goals on The List:
028. Walk at least 3 times a week for 3 months
I've been doing this since the start of April, so I'm now in Week 10! As I mentioned on a previous entry, my weeks start on Tuesdays, and I figure that if I can get to the start of July still having done three walks per week, I can check this one off The List!

As for what makes a walk? A shaved alpaca, of course. (And nature. Nature everywhere.)

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