Thursday, 16 June 2016

Female-Fronted Rock

When it comes to music, I almost always tend towards male vocals rather than female. This week, I decided to change it up and check out some acts that feature female vocals!

Bad Seed Rising
I heard this band because their self-titled song was used on the film Spy, which I watched this week.
This hard-rock band comes from America, and boy does the vocalist have some lungs on her! The music is typical rock music but it's typical good rock music, so worth a listen.
Their music videos have a narrative to them alongside showing the band performing, but their official YouTube also has lyric videos that have an interesting visual content.
I enjoyed listening to this band!
Bad Seed Rising Official Website

Azusa Kobayashi
This artist has been on my listen-to list for a while. I heard of her through the twitter of a guitarist I follow (who pops up in the above video!)
Her music is a mix of rock and pop; some songs have a real rocky sound to them whilst others have a much softer, poppy feel.
Azusa Kobayashi has a sweet-sounding voice, and the music is similar to the style of rock I like listening to, with some symphonic aspects alongside the traditional guitar/bass/drums.
Overall, it was easy to listen to. I would play this when I wanted to multitask listening to music and getting other things done!
Azusa Kobayashi Official Website (Japanese)

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