Thursday, 30 June 2016

Eine Kleine Deutschmusik

Last week, I commented that I need to listen to some new-to-me acts that aren't Japanese, as I've listened to a hell of a lot of them for this challenge.

So this week, I've taken a hop, skip and a jump across the globe to check out some of the music Germany has to offer (with a little input from Sweden!)
(Note: did not literally hop skip and jump across the globe. Also did not physically go to Germany. The internet is an amazing thing, and mein Deutsch ist schlecht).

Anyway. Two acts, both heard of through friends. Thanks, friends!

Attempt of Deception
I heard about this band through my friend Rina, who mentioned them online a while ago!
Attempt of Deception come from southern Germany, and their music takes influence from various aspects of the broad metal genre.
On the whole, their music really isn't the kind of thing I listen to, but it was interesting to note the difference in tone between some of their songs. It's nice when a band's music has some variation!
Attempt of Deception on Facebook

My friend Lilia suggested this industrial metal band, which has a lineup comprising of Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann, and the Swedish multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren, from the death metal band Hypocrisy.
What I heard of their music (and saw of their music videos), there is a lot of dark humour, and some explicit content thrown in for good measure. Hence why I didn't embed one of their music videos here--definitely NSFW! (But they're right there on YouTube, if you're curious).
I like Till's vocals, and the music itself, too. Their videos have an interesting narrative, despite being a little brow-raising at times (though I hasten to add that 'Fish On' was entertaining!)
Lindemann Official Website

That's it for this week! I'll continue to try not to listen to zillions of Japanese bands for this challenge. I can't help it, really. I'm an anime nerd, and a Japanese rock nerd, and most of my friends are nerds of the same ilk, so it's inevitable that these bands keep popping up on my radar!


  1. Glad you enjoyed Lindemann, haha!

    If you'd like to hear something from another member of Rammstein, one of their guitarists - Richard Z. Kruspe - has a solo project called Emigrate (also all in English):

    You Can't Get Enough
    Eat You Alive
    My World

    Official Website:

    It's quite different to Rammstein, but at the same time I can hear their music in that project too, but that would make sense, I suppose lol.

    I guess since I'm already making suggestions here, might as well add a few more whilst I'm at it, haha.

    Trobar de Morte (Spanish dark ambient folk)

    Summoning the Gods
    The Fairies Wind
    The Deadly Embrace of Love
    Calling the Rain


    And then another band from Spain, Ordo Funebris, are of a similar genre, but I've only heard one song by them:

    Santa Compana
    Facebook Page:

    There's more, but I'll leave it there for now :)

    Also, there's nothing wrong with listening to Japanese bands/artists if that's what you find you like the most of! Maybe it's partly the language that adds to you liking the overall sound of the music too? But honestly, if it's good music, then listen to it! And what would it matter even if ALL the music you wrote about on this blog was from Japan (though I know it isn't ;P)? Surely as long as it's something you haven't heard before, it's met the criteria/counts towards the goal! :D

    1. Back with another suggestion: Chelsea Wolfe
      She's a goth-folk - sometimes she incorporates electronic and metal into her songs too - artist from the US, but you might have heard of her already as she's fairly well known.

      Carrion Flowers
      Feral Love
      Be Free (with King Dude)

      Then some post punk/new wave or, as they describe themselves, "new dark wave" from Turkey: She Past Away">

      Kasvetli Kutlama
      Alt Ego (with Selo Fan)

      Next, Sally Dige - new wave/synth pop from Canada. I think she lives in Berlin now though (I can't remember if I recommended her before or not. Sorry if I did!)

      Your Girl
      Hard to Please
      Forget Me
      Losing You - Album Version -
      Immaculate Deception

      She also has some interesting little short films on her YT channel too.

      That's all again for now :)