Thursday, 2 June 2016


Two more new-to-me musical acts this week! Both surprised me: one in a sense that I actually liked a song of the genre, and the other in the style of their music videos!

This act was suggested by my friend Sara. I wasn't sure if I'd like this artist's music, as I don't generally tend to enjoy Kpop! But she has a nice voice and I liked listening to her music despite it being a genre I wouldn't otherwise seek out. Goes to show it's impossible to completely dislike any one genre, doesn't it!
The music videos are nicely shot with a lot of atmosphere, sometimes fun, sometimes serious. 
Doing some prodding of the internet, I found out that she's actually American, but works from South Korea, and is part of a girl group named f(x)
Amber Official Website

Mother Mother
A Canadian band suggested by my friend Lilia (Paracosm of Lilies). Their music is really varied! Just listening to three songs, they sounded completely different. It's nice to hear a band with so much variation. The combination of male lead and female backing vocals is great too.
The videos I saw were as varied as the music, with one thing tying them together: quirkiness! I found them fun to watch!
Mother Mother Official Website

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