Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Dose to Comatose...

One Drop for a Long Life, Two to Shorten It, Three to Stop Time...
Last week, I didn't participate in Delightful Aberrations' theme challenge, because I didn't get around to it. But for Week 14, I managed to get my brain into gear and pull something together!

I used the theme dose and had Jill Tracy's 'The Fine Art of Poisoning' stuck in a loop in my head all the time I was taking photos and editing them! (Said song is where the subject line for this post comes from!)

The picture above was made from layering up three separate images in Photoshop Elements, and changing the layer style of the top two images to Hard Light.

Add Sugar to Taste...
Of course the whole concept of these pictures was to go for that old-fashioned poisoning scene. I know, I know, it's totally cheesy. I was feeling morbid and uncreative.

Let None Go To Waste
I used my iPhone for these images because it was to hand, and I've got photos on my camera that I'm procrastinating over editing!

The deadline for this week's challenge is today, and I shot these this afternoon...cutting it a bit fine, aren't I!

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  1. These are great! I like the way the first one looks like a drug hallucination (or possibly the effects of poisoning?). The reflections in the spoon in the second photo and the green swirls of "poison" in the tea in the last one are details I really love! The green also kind of reminds me of absinthe, which is what I actually thought you were going for before reading the description lol It's good either way!