Thursday, 28 July 2016

Snapping my Fingers

Following on from my music-choosing method of the past few weeks, I'm once again opting for two acts from the same country. This time around, it's Sweden!

Two Trees
This folk duo come from Stockholm, and popped up on my radar via Twitter!
Their music is very simply-formed, with male and female vocals accompanied by an acoustic guitar. The vocal harmonies are very sweet-sounding, with softly-sung English lyrics.
Their music videos are also pretty simple, but they really suit the music!
I couldn't find much about them online, though it seems that one member is working on a solo project.
Two Trees Official BandPage

Linda Pira
A rapper from Hässelby, Stockholm, Linda Pira ended up on my listen-to list after I...Googled for Swedish musicians. (Yes, this is actually how I find music sometimes!)
The music videos have a lot of the sort of imagery and camera usage that I'd expect from the genre, and are fairly engaging to watch.
I don't listen to much rap music but enjoyed this! The songs are very melodic, with a beat and tempo that has me wanting to dance!
By the way, the title of the song embedded here, 'Knäpper mina fingrar' can be translated as 'Snap my fingers'! Listen out for mentions of a few famous musical names!
Linda Pira Facebook

That's this week's new-to-me listening done!
Challenge tag (artists heard so far)
Challenge playlist (via YouTube)

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