Thursday, 14 July 2016

Home Grown

So far with this challenge, I've mostly looked overseas for new music to listen to. I've listened to pop from Burma, Yemenite folk music, rock/metal from Iceland and three European bands with the same name.
This week, I decided to look a little closer to home, with two acts that hail from Brighton, UK.

Fragile Creatures
I found this indie/rock act when surfing around the internet. Their music is at a relaxed tempo but pretty catchy with lots of guitar melodies woven into each track. The lyrics are clever and the vocals remind me of a couple of other bands I listen to, so I pretty much instantly enjoyed this act!
What's a little different with this act compared to a lot of others that have come under my radar, is that they have a keyboardist! Having seen bands-with-keyboardists perform before, I'd imagine this makes a real difference to their live sound, in comparison to bands that have a keyboard backing track. But maybe I'm being biased, because it's cool to see something beyond the usual vocals/guitar/bass/drums lineup!
Though I can't find much information about them online, I did discover that they released an album earlier this year, so at some point I might be parting with more money...
Fragile Creatures Official Website

My Digital Enemy
I heard about this dance music duo through a fellow volunteer (who said I probably wouldn't like the music... More on that in a moment).
All over the internet, they're plugged as being seriously cutting edge in the world of house music. Knowing zip about the genre, I can't comment on that, but their facebook has nearly 50k likes, so my guess is they're doing a lot of things right.
The catchy beat, bouncy tempo and vocal samples make these tracks great for dancing around, so I can see why they're popular. As for whether I like the music, I actually do. This isn't music I'd go to for general listening, but if I wanted a bit of music-induced energy, or something to help me focus on another task, this is the kind of thing I'd go for!
My Digital Enemy Official Website

If this doesn't demonstrate the variety of music available in just one city, I don't know what does!

Check out my music tag for more acts listened to for this challenge!

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