Thursday, 7 July 2016

Death, Angels & Greetings from Romania

As of last week, I'm over half-way through my music challenge! Yay!
I'm actually surprised at myself for keeping this up so long, though pleased to have found so many awesome new artists.

This week, I did the same as last week and picked a country, then listened to two artists from that country. This time around, it's Romania, and the two artists couldn't be more different!

You may remember that I previously blogged about two other bands with the name NOX. This time, I listened to the Romanian death metal band. I can't say that their music is my thing. I don't mind the instrumental side of it, but the vocals aren't my cup of tea!
It was difficult to find much in the way of information or even music videos, only some pictures on their facebook page, through which I found they don't look as dark as I thought they might, based on their sound.
N.O.X Facebook

This pop/dance act from Bucharest was formed by two composers in 2005, and reached number 3 with its first single and grabbing the number one spot with several of its later releases.
I don't ordinarily listen to dance music, so it's difficult to comment too specifically on any similarities to other acts or nuances within the music. To me, it sounds like you'd expect dance music to sound, only slightly gentler: you could relax to this music as easily as you could dance to it.
Their videos are high quality and visually interesting; it's obvious that this act is under the wing of a label with lots of money!
I could easily go back and listen to more Morandi, particularly when I want some music to help me concentrate!
Morandi Official Website

That's it for this week! See all the music I've listened to for this challenge on my goal 29 tag. You'll find Burmese pop, singing robots, dancing grannies, and much more!

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