Friday, 16 May 2014

The Competitions Diary

One of my goals on The List was:
049. Enter 10 competitions/prize draws every day for 1 month
I decided that ‘1 month’ would be ’31 days’ and started back in April. Today, I finished! (Have I won anything? So far, no! Booooo!)
Finishing this one was actually a relief!

Here’s my ‘competitions diary’.

Day 1
There are millions of prize draws online! This is going to be easy.
...but I should only enter competitions where I want/need/would use the prize.

Day 2
Maybe no duplicate entries either. Still easy! Still tonnes of competitions to enter!

Day 3
This is pretty time-consuming when you have to look for the competitions.

Day 6
I’ll search a list of magazines and bookmark their websites. They always have competitions on the go. Then hunting will be easy.

Day 9
This isn’t as easy as I originally thought. Where are all the competitions hiding?

Day 15
Eh, I’ll enter competitions so long as someone in the house would be able to use the prize. See how nice I am?!  

Day 20
Have entered so many prize draws for Dremel tools and shopping vouchers that I think it’s only fair that I win. Right?

Day 25
Eurovision is on and I’d rather watch that than scour the web for competitions. I’ll enter multiple-entries draws. (P.S. Team Austria)

Day 26
Where have all the new comps gone? Once again, it’s entries into the ones where multiple entries are allowed. Boo. At least this is the last week.

Competition forums at

Day 28
Glad this is nearly over. The novelty of entering zillions of competitions has worn off.
Hunting for them takes time if you’re fussy over what you enter, even using forums and websites that list competitions. I still don’t see the point in entering if I don’t want the prize. But honestly, I’ve not been too fussy: can of hairspray? Sure. Dinner for six in a place that’s a pain to get to? Well, it’s doable, and I do like food.

Day 31
313 prize draw/competition entries down and I Am Done! Hurrah!
This has taken so much time and effort, amazing considering I was mostly entering prize draws that didn’t require any effort. There were three extra competitions in the count because a couple of days, I found one or two extra comps and entered them at the same time.

On the whole, I was able to find 5-7 ‘new’ competitions daily; those last 3 or so were always that bit harder to find! Well, much as I like the idea of winning something, I’m not planning to go competition-hunting again any time soon. It’s tiring!

Some people do this for fun. You’ve really got to hand it to them.

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