Saturday, 24 May 2014

Eat ALL the chocolate!


A few more goals have been added to The List! Inspired by the chocolate episode of Heston's Great British Food, the most recently added goal is:
064. Eat 50 different chocolates
I should point out this is chocolate that is new to me! I won't go to the newsagent and buy one of everything!
...but I'll probably nip into Waitrose for a bar or two occasionally, as they do more than the usual assortment of Mars, Double Decker, Dairy Milk etc (all delicious chocolate bars that my taste buds are well acquainted with!)

So I'm now intent on finding fifty different flavours of chocolate, chocolate bar, and maybe even hot chocolate (but only if it's the real stuff with the chocolate flakes you add to hot milk!)

At the moment I have:
Thornton's Sicilian Lemon bar
Thornton's Viennese bar
Waitrose Seriously Nutty bar
Thornton's Chilli dark chocolate bar
Willie's Cacao Luscious Orange bar
Green & Black's Butterscotch milk chocolate bar
Roccoco Chilli Pepper Bee Bar
Lindt Strawberry bar

That's probably enough to be getting on with, isn't it!

...should I have made it one hundred new chocolates?


  1. Good luck with trying all 50! :D If 100 different flavours of chocolate exist, it's probably just as well not to set a goal of trying them all. Can you imagine having to try brussel sprout and okra chocolate? *shudder*

    1. Haha, I don't know, brussel sprouts might be improved by the addition of chocolate!