Thursday, 29 May 2014

Rich, Smooth and Intense

Alas I am not talking about a man, but chocolate!
Following on from my previous post about trying 50 new types of chocolate, I began to try out what the world (okay, Waitrose) has to offer!

Originally I was going to update with every 5 chocolate bars eaten, but so far I've only eaten three, from well-known brands: Thornton's, Green & Black's, and Lindt.

I'm writing about these in the order I ate them*

Thornton's Continental 'Sicilian Lemon' Bar
This bar comes wrapped in pale yellow packaging with black designs.
The bar itself is made up of a lemon-flavoured mousse covered in white and milk chocolate, the white chocolate on top being decorated with a milk chocolate pattern.

It has a subtly lemony scent and a rich flavour The flavour wasn’t as lemony as I expected it would be, but was still quite strong. The mousse is nice and light and the chocolate is fairly soft, so this is very easy to eat!
Quite a nice bar but I would recommend a cup of tea or glass of water to wash it down with!

Green & Black’s Butterscotch Bar
The quality-looking outer wrapping of this chocolate bar peels away to reveal a bar wrapped in a layer of gold paper.
You can smell the cocoa in this as soon as the paper is peeled back--such a delicious smell! This bar is made of milk chocolate with crunchy toffee pieces, 34% cocoa. 

The ‘Butterscotch’ flavour isn’t immediately apparent unless you let it melt on the tongue, but the crunchy toffee pieces give the texture extra dimension.
This bar didn’t completely do it for me but still had a pleasing flavour. Half the 35g bar was more than enough to satisfy a chocolate craving, so I have the other half the scoff another time ;)


Lindt Strawberry Intense
A dark chocolate with strawberry pieces, encased in Lindt’s usual packaging of white card outer cover and foil inner wrapping. You immediately get smell of strawberries upon opening! The squares thinner than other chocolate bars but bigger. Breaking a piece off produces a satisfying snapping sound of good quality chocolate. 

The flavour of the dried strawberry in the bar really hits the tongue—I can see why they call it ‘intense’! The chocolate is rich but not overpowering, and being dark chocolate it offsets the sweetness of the strawberry nicely.
I could easily gobble down a whole 100g bar of this without even thinking about it, but I restrained myself and only ate four squares (then more later, haha).

Well, that's it for now. My chocolate stash is growing but there's a limit to how much and how often I can eat it!
Most of what I currently have is from recognisable brands, though I'd like to find some more obscure brands too, as well as foreign chocolate! (Oh, if only chocolate tasting days existed. How great would that be?!)

*Please note: I did not eat all of these in one day!

This is not a sponsored post. I am writing about these bars of chocolate as part of goal #64 on The List. I recommend eating chocolate. All of it. ;)

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