Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Pleasure of Parklife (and Cake!)

As part of my birthday trip to Worthing on Tuesday, we went for lunch at Parklife in Bath Place. 

The large sign and bright pink shop front make this café impossible to miss. Once inside, the vast array of tempting cakes will have your stomach rumbling!

Originally I planned to have tea and a slice of red velvet cake, but then I saw that BLT was on the sandwich menu…

...and I saw this amazing chocolate cake, topped off with the biggest jazzies I’d ever seen. Of course, I opted for this over red velvet. Om nom!
The cake was utterly delicious, really chocolaty. The serving was also huge and I couldn’t manage all of it after my sandwich (which, I might add, was served with crisps and coleslaw). Thankfully they put the half I couldn’t eat into a takeaway box for me, so I ate it for dessert instead!

One thing that always grabs me with cafés is the décor, and at Parklife it is really cute! (Also note their two Certificates of Excellence from Trip Advisor, from the past two years!)

We sat on coloured stools at the window, where fairy lights twinkled and paper decorations hung from the ceiling.
The café was very busy so we did have to wait a few minutes for our sandwiches, Panini and hot drinks, but the staff were friendly and helpful.
I think the busy atmosphere of the café made a huge statement as to its quality and popularity! 

I don’t go to Worthing often as it isn’t the easiest place for me to travel to, but I’ll definitely remember Parklife next time I’m there and in want of a cup of tea (and a big slice of cake).

You can find Parklife at 6 Bath Place, Worthing, BN11 3BA. You can also find them on twitter and facebook.

This was NOT a sponsored post. I write about the events I attend, the shops, products and brands I like, solely because I like them and want others to hear about them.

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