Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale

Yesterday, I went to a kilo sale at the Worthing warehouse of vintage clothing retailer To Be Worn Again. With clothes being priced at £15 a kilo, it wasn't something I was going to miss out on! Also as yesterday was my birthday, I was able to go armed with lots of birthday money to spend. Hurrah!
I went there with Dad, who has a liking for their selection of shirts.

Keep reading for more about the kilo sale, what I bought, and my tips on how to shop at one of these events.

The warehouse is pretty big, and as you can see had some rails outside as well, all jam-packed with goodies.
To Be Worn Again has practically everything, though comparing this sale with one I went to during winter, the stock is tailored to the current season (so you won't get a Christmas jumper in June!)

To Be Worn Again provide a lot to look at at these kilo sales. Rails upon rails of clothes are lined up in neat aisles, sorted according to clothing type. So whether you're looking for a vintage tee and Levi's, an eighties party dress or a sixties shirt, you can easily find the section you need.
They also have clothing that's not so much retro as second-hand (brands I spotted included Gap and Topshop) but the clothes of former decades still outnumber the more modern.

Once you're done, the nice people at the warehouse weigh your items and work out the total for you.
If you find yourself weighed down with bargains halfway through your warehouse rummage, they will keep your finds safe for you on a rail at the front. Splendid!

Dad found himself five shirts, and I ended up with four mixed items, just as I did on my last kilo sale trip! This time most of the garments I bought were modern, but I did pick up this lovely retro skirt with a fantastic green and magenta pattern on it.

My other purchases were a brown and turquoise patterned tunic, a pale brown tunic with lace details, and a navy dress with embroidery. These were all fairly modern pieces, but were a very good price.

Once again, the kilo sale was an enjoyable trip. I found items I'm more likely to wear on a day-to-day basis. Last time my purchases were a little more 'costumey' and as such don't get worn so often--only when I feel like dressing up!

To Be Worn Again have two shops in Brighton and run monthly kilo sales in Worthing and London. Along with their website, you can find them on Twitter and Facebook. If you can't get to Brighton, Worthing or London, they also have a selection of items on ASOS Marketplace.

Kilo Sale Tips
I'm by no means a retro clothing (or even shopping) expert, but I learn through experience! Here are some tips I've picked up along the way.
  1. Plans of Attack
    There are two 'plans of attack' with any kind of shopping, though at these events, I usually opt for the first ;)
    • Look at everything and see what you find or
    • Have a specific shopping list (e.g. 'strappy dress, shorts, vest') and head straight for those sections

  2. Take a tape measure
    Know your measurements before you go. Either measure yourself (bust, waist, hips are most important!) or measure flat some well-fitting garments you already own. When you're shopping vintage, if there are no changing facilities, you can measure the garments to see if they'll fit.

  3. Examine garments carefully
    Remember that vintage clothes have been around the block a few times. Check for wear and tear, stains etc:
    • Seams and hems - are they torn, frayed, coming unstitched
    • Press studs - are all the parts still there? Do they open and close easily?
    • Zips - do they open and close without difficulty?
    • Buttons - are all the buttons present?
    • Holes and bobbling - does the garment have any holes?
    • Stains - chances are, if a vintage garment has a stain, it won't wash out. Check front and back!
    • More stains: Underarms, collars and inside trouser crotches (eww!) - Unfold collars to check them as often a stain isn't obvious until the collar is flat (I've learnt this through experience as a charity shop volunteer!
    • Linings - check the linings for holes, stains, etc too!

  4. Have an open mind
    If you found a problem with a garment you like, can you fix it?
    If it's too big or too long, can you adjust it?

  5. Be realistic
    No matter how amazing something looks on the hanger, if it's not a style or colour that you feel comfortable in, leave it there. Likewise if it's the wrong size and you can't adjust it. I know it's hard to leave something beautiful where you found it, but it would be even worse to leave it unworn in your wardrobe!

This was NOT a sponsored post. I write about the events I go to, the shops, products and brands I like, solely because I like them and want others to hear about them.

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