Sunday, 27 April 2014

Another Week Gone By...

...and another pretty quiet one! I feel I'm failing a little in my attempt to Do Things for the entire month!

As memory (and photographic evidence) seems to escape me, this was the week I...

Studied more Japanese for Busy People Vol. 1 (List item #035) with the help of Alfie, who remained unimpressed by my telling him about buraun-san no ichinichi.

Continued to enter competitions (#049). It's getting harder to find new ones.

Posted off eight of the postcards (List item #058), though have yet to hear if any of them arrived at their destinations. I have two left to send and not sure who to send them to. Any takers?

Went to etc Magazine's Homes, Gardens & Lifestyle show with a friend. Separate post coming up for this trip.

Rediscovered my addiction for DreamSelfy, a site where you can create and dress your own dolls. There are zillions of options so it's one for wasting time on.

Volunteered, as usual!

Completed a new task from The List!
024. Enter a writing competition
I discovered this whilst I was browsing the web for prize draws to enter (list item #049: Enter 10 competitions/prize draws every day for 1 month). This isn't counting as one of my competitions for #049, because I can cross out #024 instead!
The competition is being run by SFX and is open to UK residents. Entrants must write a short-story about zombies, not exceeding 1,500 words. The closing date is 29th April (my birthday!)
I wrote the beginning at 1 a.m. when I couldn't sleep and the idea struck me. Then I finished it up today!

Glad to have surfed upon this one. Usually when I find writing competitions they aren't for a subject matter that inspires me!

Read Yes Man by Danny Wallace, which I thoroughly enjoyed. May write about it another time.

So despite being another fairly quiet week, it's been a productive one. 

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