Tuesday, 8 April 2014

4th-8th April: Scunthorpe, S-Con and Lincoln

Okay, the next couple of posts will be catchups on my Month of Doing. I went on a trip 5th-8th, so most of this post will be about that! I was also able to work towards several things on The List, including 36. Eat/drink in 30 new places, 39. Explore 30 towns/cities/villages and 48. Visit 5 different counties.

Friday 4th
I did some volunteering. We put out all the Easter stock...this was mostly a lifetime's supply of egg cups!

Saturday 5th
This was the first day of my trip to Scunthorpe! My friend Sara lives there and invited me to visit :)

Random snap taken from the coach, with Steel works in the background

I had to travel into London and back out again to get there! I did most of the journey with Megabus, because they are well-organised and also very, very reasonable. This time around I had a 'megabusplus' journey, which meant travelling partly by train and partly by coach. Usually having to make changes is stressful, but I found it broke up the journey nicely.

Arrived in Scunthorpe around 5pm in time for a kickass chicken tikka and a movie!

Sunday 6th
Sunday was S-con, Scunthorpe's anime convention. Sara was running the Bring & Buy so I helped out. Most of the convention was held in the same room at Baths Hall, so we had a good view of the stage and crowds (including lots of cosplayers!) from where we sat.

It was the smallest anime convention I've been to, but it was enjoyable! Once the convention was over we headed back to Sara's and...watched anime. (Well, we didn't watch any at the convention...)
Since we'd eaten at Baths Hall we were lazy and snacked all evening on Pringles and homemade chocolate cake!

Monday 7th
Sara thought I would enjoy Lincoln, so we took a little trip there.

Lincoln is a lovely town, which has a combination of modern high-street shops and quaint old-fashioned shops and historical buildings.

The town also boasts cash machines that look like old-fashioned red telephone boxes!

We were good and resisted the temptation of umpteen sweet shops!

To reach more of the historical places in Lincoln, we walked up Steep Hill. In case you hadn't guessed, it's a hill, which is steep ;) The photo above was taken about halfway up. Aside from the drunken lamp post, can you spot the cat?

See it now?

At the top of the hill is both a castle and a cathedral. Here's part of the castle. I'd hoped to go in as I love castles, but when we went to the ticket office, we discovered that all the buildings in the grounds are closed for renovation. Only the grounds and a small portion of the wall were open to the public. Booooo!

So we abandoned that idea and went to the Cathedral instead!


I snapped countless pictures of the exterior. Utterly loved all the stonework around the huge door. These are just a few of the pictures I took.

There were various places on the Cathedral guide that showed photography was not allowed (places for private prayer), so I hedged my bets and just took this picture of the lovely stained glass windows.

I bought these little charms/medals from the Cathedral shop, which I'll incorporate into jewellery.

On our way back down the hill, we went into Bunty's, a fantastic tea room! More on this place in its own separate blog post.

We had a little mosey around the shops before heading back for dinner.

All in all, I really enjoyed looking around Lincoln. I could have taken photographs almost constantly, there was so much to look at!

Sara's mum cooked up a fantastic roast beef dinner. I certainly had a happy tummy!

Tuesday 8th
Today I travelled home, which meant early rising and trying not to nod off on the coach and two trains I had to take.

Picture taken from the coach home, with barely-visible wind turbines!
Picture from the second train, halfway home. Lovely blue sky!

Thankfully my Dad was able to give me a lift back from the train station, saving me having to include another bus journey in my trip home!
I arrived home to find my cress has gone mad...

Big thanks to my Mum for watering it for me :) She obviously has green fingers!

Next update will be about that lovely little tea room...

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