Monday, 21 April 2014

Celebration of Spring

On Saturday we went to Burgess Hill to check out their 'Celebration of Spring'.
As it was Easter weekend, the town was pretty busy with people out to see the town's event and buy those last few bits and pieces before the shops closed for Easter Sunday.

The event was fairly small but included a petting zoo with cute lambs, maypole dancing, a band in the bandstand and Morris dancers, seen here. If you look closely on the left-hand side of the pictures, you can see some of the three-piece band that were accompanying the dancers.
It's a shame these ladies were placed in a little corner behind the local market stalls, as it limited the space for spectators and many people were walking past without realising what was going on! However, it was a very cheerful and uplifting performance to watch.

We were only there for a short while, but it was good to see an event that included traditional entertainment.

You can watch a couple of short videos of the dancers on my instagram, here and here

As for Sunday, it was a lazy day. I continued with entering competitions (as per my list goal) and watched a couple of films (also a goal on The List): The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery, and The Addams Family Values. I love me some Addams Family :)

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