Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wednesday 2nd April

So continues my attempt at 'Doing Something' every day this month!

Today was a 'quiet day'. I have pulled muscles in my neck and shoulder, and carrying things yesterday aggravated it and gave me lots of pain, boo. (Tomorrow's Something will be a trip to the osteopath...)

I photographed things I've made to sell at a craft fair/on Etsy, finished a display stand, and spent a couple of minutes doing this...

This is working towards something in The List !
058. Send 10 postcards with artwork drawn by myself

In a charity shop last week, I found a book of 50 blank postcards for £1. Perfect! I may go beyond my original 10 postcards...! All I have to do with this one is cover it with something to protect it from water. I may wait until I have ten finished before I send any out!

Most of the day was spent photographing jewellery. I haven't edited the pictures yet, but will share after I've done the craft fair / when I've listed things on Etsy. Ditto my display stand!

However, I did notice that the cress from yesterday has already sprouted!

Since taking this picture, even more of the seeds have sprouted, in all three pots. Yay! Hopefully the parsley will do well too. According to my mum, when I was a toddler I used to stand in the parsley patch and eat fistfuls of it. Pretty sure I did the same with my grandparents radishes too ;)

Oh, and I spent time catching the rest of the Pokemon in Google Maps, too.

...admittedly I cheated and found a list of locations where they could be found. I ran out of ideas for world locations! Kind of glad I did look up a list, because there were places on it that I'd never even heard of! Still, it was a way to pass time and take my mind off my aching muscles!

Tomorrow, as I mentioned, I have a trip to the osteopath planned. I'll come up with something else to fill the day, too.

Future Plans
As for the rest of this month, I'm going on a trip on Saturday! The day will mostly involve travelling. I'm not home until Tuesday, and will likely write one post about the whole trip. This month I also plan to participate in a craft fair for the first time, check out a food festival (it's free!), a heavy horses show, and another homes and gardens show. Hopefully more events will be added to my calendar as the month progresses :)

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