Saturday, 12 April 2014

Craft Fair Prep and More Postcards!

It seems like a week has passed since I last updated, in fact a week ago I was travelling to Lincolnshire to visit a friend, and I returned Tuesday!

Since then, I've mostly been preparing for a craft fair and making more little postcards.

Wednesday 9th:

Usually none of my items are priced, as I've previously only sold online. It took me several pricing sessions to label everything up with these cute mini parcel tags!

As we had visitors on Wednesday, I didn't have much time for doing things, but I did manage to make another postcard:

Thursday 10th:
Today I was the visitor rather than the visited! I caught up with a neighbour and scrounged some videos to watch :)

But I also made some more postcards--my total is now ten, so I can get on with goal #58: Send 10 postcards with artwork drawn by myself.

Now I have to decide who to send these to!

I also received an awesome 'happy post' from a friend in a different part of the country:

The brown packet contains flower seeds, the green one contains tea bags! The seeds may well help me towards another goal:
60. Grow a plant from seeds and give cuttings to people
This goal was suggested to me by the friend who sent the seeds. It's really kind of her to help with the provision of seeds!

Friday 11th:
A day for volunteering. When I returned home, I decided it was time to harvest my cress.

It grew quite a lot! Great for eating!

It had a lovely peppery taste. I ended up putting it on my dinner (yes, all of it!). Now I've started off a new lot of cress. This wasn't towards a goal on The List, but I'm impressed with myself for managing to grow something at all!

Next up will be a post about today's craft fair :)

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