Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bunty's Tea Room, Lincoln

As I mentioned in my previous post, yesterday my friend Sara and I enjoyed lunch at Bunty's, a tea room on Lincoln's Steep Hill.

I wanted to make a separate post about Bunty's Tea Room (because it's fab) so here it is!

Bunty's seemed fairly busy when we went in, nevertheless we were greeted and seated immediately, and someone came to take our order within a few minutes!

The tea room has vintage decor, from flying ducks and retro ads to cheerful bunting.  I liked this quaint theme, particularly with the exposed beams at the front. The mantel clock above the door still works and chimes pleasantly amid the murmur of conversation and clink of vintage china.

 There were also some quirky pieces, such as the stamp-decoupaged vases on the tables:

Also note the vintage pictures beneath the glass table top. Imagine if you stopped in for tea and found an ancestor peering out from beneath the sugar bowl!

Sara and I originally went in with the intention of ordering tea and cake (the cakes looked delicious!) but when we gazed at the menu, our collective hunger was swayed by the prospect of a sausage sandwich and a cup of tea!

Unfortunately I was too hungry (and greedy) to think about taking a picture of the food, but I snapped one of the tea things. Aren't they lovely? There was a real assortment of vintage crockery being used within the tea room, of varying shapes and sizes.

Of course, that teapot brewed the perfect cup of tea :)

Our sausage sandwiches (served with coleslaw and crisps--on vintage china of course) were delicious and devoured pretty quickly!

I wish Bunty's was closer to home so I could visit again to try out some of their cakes! Alas, 200 miles is a bit far to go for a pot of tea.

If you're curious to see more of Bunty's Tea Room, they have plenty of pictures on their Facebook page (they're also on Twitter). I'm guessing that anyone living in Lincoln would already be aware of this place, but if you happen to visit the town I thoroughly recommend popping in!

This was NOT a sponsored post. I write about the events I go to, the shops, products and brands I like, solely because I like them and want others to hear about them.

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