Friday, 18 April 2014

Quiet Week

Though we've yet to have the weekend, I thought I'd update about this week. It's been rather quiet and mostly spent at home.

But I'm cracking on with The List!

Monday 14th

Mum and I headed into Brighton, each with some things to get. I went straight to 99p Store and Poundland and picked up some stuff from their gardening sections: seeder tray, sowing kit (x2), small pots and a watering can. 

So I was finally able to plant the Goji berry seeds that were in my surprise post from a friend! And that's another goal in progress!
060. Grow a plant from seeds and give cuttings to people
I'm going to consider this goal as in progress, as I'll give individual plants to people as they grow. For the time being, I've got to be patient and wait for the seeds to germinate!

Tuesday 15th

Used the large seed tray bought yesterday to plant up the flower seeds also sent by a friend. I'm excited to see what they'll turn out to be!
As the seed tray is too big for my window sill, it's living in the conservatory instead, on the roof of the rabbit hutch. Hopefully that will be a suitable place for it. 
Watch this space to find out how they fare! 

Lunch came from the local deli today: chilli con carne in a wrap, with cheese. It was amazing! Granted, nothing to do with The List, or with Doing A Thing, but I wanted to share a picture of the yummies anyway ;)

Wednesday 16th

Began a new goal from the list:
035. Complete 'Japanese for Busy People' vol 1
I used this textbook and accompanying workbook when I studied a short course in beginner's Japanese at a local unversity. That was several years ago. I never completed the book as the course didn't cover all of it.  So I'm starting from the beginning again, to refresh my memory and brush up on the bits I was never sure of!

Wednesday 16th /Thursday 17th

This is definitely the week of starting new goals, as I began another one:
049. Enter 10 competitions/prize draws every day for one month
I decided to quantify 'one month' as '31 days'.
For this goal/challenge, I have set myself a number of rules:
  1. Only enter competitions where I genuinely want the prize
  2. Try not to duplicate (some prize draws allow daily entries)
  3. Try to avoid text-to-win or phone-to-win competitions (as it costs money!)
If you follow me on Twitter, you might see the occasional prize draw/giveaway-entering retweet ;) Will try to keep that to a minimum though as I know all those retweets can be annoying!

Thursday was a really lazy day, but I did study some more Japanese. I'm up to Lesson 7 now! As you can see, I make lots of mistakes!
Aside from continuing with entering competitions, I also gathered some more addresses from people who want some of my hand-drawn postcards.

Friday 18th
058. Send 10 postcards with artwork drawn by myself
This is the goal I was most focused on this morning! I wrote out and addressed six postcards, so there are now four remaining. I don't know who to send them to; so far I've only asked on Facebook if anybody would like one! 
Hopefully by the end of the Easter holiday, all ten will be written, addressed, and ready to post off. 

Spent more time looking for and entering competitions too. Have virtually exhausted competitions from the magazines I read, and am having to spread my competition-hunting net further! This goal is actually proving to be more time-consuming than I thought it would be!

This afternoon, Mum and I went for a walk through the fields. We spotted lots of wildlife, including caterpillars, crows, finches and plenty of dogs being taken for a walk (many of which we befriended!) 

It's been a quiet week, but having had low energy, I think I've needed it!

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  1. Hi sounds like a nice week. My son has a minor in Japanese and has studied over there and you forget a lot when you are not using the language. I have trouble saying most Japanese words correctly. You are doing a great job on your list. Pat S