Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Month of Doing!

Since April is my birth month, I thought it would be fun to try and Do Something every single day of the month!

Some of these things will be part of my usual routine (like volunteering), or necessary (travel and appointments).
Some will be little things (taking a walk, painting) whilst some will be bigger things (a day out, etc).

I'd love to go out every single day and do something interesting, but I would be utterly exhausted! I need quiet days in order to recover!

Anyway, for 1st April I went shopping with my Mum...

The point of our trip was to get stuff for a project. Tiger didn't have what I went in for, but I still ended up buying stuff :)

Tiger is one of my favourite shops to poke around, everything is cheap but with a really great design. I have no idea what I'll use these birds for yet. Maybe I'll post here when I use them for something!

For ages, I've pestered my Dad for a little part of the garden to grow some herbs. He always claims there is nowhere to grow anything! I took matters into my own hands and picked up two seed packs: cress and parsley. The tins came from the same shop and match my room...

Of course, I forgot that cress needs to grow in a shallow tray, so I made do with some glass ramekins! The pots are for the parsley. Hopefully it will all do well on the window sill!

Mum and I ate at an all-you-can-eat buffet place, which I'd intended to write about before (but I forgot!). The food includes salad, pizza, Chinese food, soup, and sides of onion rings, chips, etc.
Needless to say my plate always gets filled ;)

Once home, I ended up playing on the Google Maps app. Their April Fools joke was to hide Pokemon around the globe! Eventually the battery on my phone needed recharging, so I had to abandon my hunting!

Will post about the 2nd in a moment (since it's now the 3rd here, and I should be asleep...)

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