Sunday, 27 April 2014

Cars, Fishing & etc.

As mentioned in my previous post, this weekend I went to The etc Magazine Show. A few weeks ago, a Groupon email popped into my inbox, offering me a 2 for 1 entry deal: entry for two people, for a measly £6! I thought, 'Why not!'
My friend V had recently messaged me to arrange meeting up, so we decided to check this event out.

The show was held in Brighton and we ended up roaming the seafront somewhat, too...
The show itself wasn't much to write about, but we did get a free reusable shopping bag each (hurrah, free stuff!)
We wandered around and looked at the different stalls (some familiar to me from the Ideal Home Show). Then we wandered out into the blustery Brighton breeze.

We strolled west along the seafront, where I snapped this picture of Brighton's ill-fated West Pier. Even more of it has fallen into the sea now, due to winter's harsh weather.

We continued all the way past the colourfully-painted beach huts, though turned around when we got to the buildings in the distance. I'm pretty sure it's along this stretch of the seafront that Rizzle Kicks filmed for their Down With the Trumpets music video.

As V and I wandered our way back along the beach, I noticed that the Brighton Fishing Museum was open. And free entry.
I remembered my list:
#010: Visit 30 museums/art galleries/exhibitions
...and so my poor friend V, who had been to the Fishing Museum countless times as a child, was dragged in there by me, who had never been there before.
I'm not actually interested in the fishing industry, but I do like looking at Old Things. The museum has, of course, fishing-related things in it, including a boat and seafaring-related information and artifacts. It also had old bits of pier and some vintage Punch and Judy puppets. The fact this museum is tucked away under the arches gives it a certain charm, and the two rooms were nice and cool.

Since we were busy chattering and catching up, we ended up walking further east. I spotted this sign up on a wall, though I have no idea why it is there or what it is for. A quick internet search only enlightens me so far as to say it's an art installation that's been there since 2008.

And then...there were cars! Cars as far as the eye could see, stretching along Madeira Drive, towards the marina.
V enjoys cars, so we continued to wander and natter. Cars of all ages were parked up along the road, some heavily customised, some not so much.

It was evident that all vehicles there were the pride and joy of the owners, for the excellent condition they were all kept in. Investigating online tells me this was an event named InCarNation.

This one made me chuckle. "To protect and perve" indeed!

Somewhat windswept, V and I wandered off the seafront and back into the town, where I bought pearl milk tea from Chatime, which is just off Churchill Square.
And yes, you've guessed it...This counts towards another goal:
#036: Eat/drink in 30 new places (cafes, restaurants, food stands...)
Have had pearl/bubble tea before but this one was the nicest I've had so far!

All in all, whilst the etc show was a bit of a letdown, it was a good day. I definitely enjoyed catching up with an old friend!

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