Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Church of 1,000 Bathroom Scales

Jacob Dahlgren, Heaven is a Place on Earth

This Tuesday, I travelled into Brighton with a neighbour to see more of the art exhibitions happening as part of Brighton Festival & Fringe.

Finding some of the exhibitions proved to be an adventure in itself! During the festival, a lot of exhibitions 'pop up' in various places.

Picture shamelessly swiped from Brighton Festival site,
because I didn't take any pics in this one.

First up was Aquatic Specimens From Kepler 22-B by Russell Alderton. The exhibition was in The Mad Crush Bar in Preston Street. Each piece was constructed of several pieces of perspex, the printing on each piece giving a 3D appearance. I found the creatures reminiscent of fossils and creatures from sci-fi films.

Aquatic Specimens From Kepler 22-B is at The Mad Crush Bar until 1st June. 

I pinched this one too.

Next we sought out Pure Holography, an exhibition of IƱaki Beguiristain's 3D holograms at Brighton Media Centre. Held in the basement gallery, the images were colourful and striking. It was great to approach an apparently blank frame and suddenly have the image jump out as I drew level with it. My favourites were the holograms of historical artifacts. The exhibition also included a setup of equipment which showed how holograms can be produced. This is one to see in person!

Pure Holography is at Brighton Media Centre's Friese-Greene Gallery until 1st June

Jacob Dahlgren, The Wonderful World of Abstraction

The final exhibition we looked at was On Balance at Brighton's Fabrica gallery. This featured two works by Jacob Dahlgren:
Heaven is a Place on Earth, which incorporated a whopping 714 sets of bathroom scales (as seen at the top of this post!) Visitors were invited to walk on the scales and play games - sheets of paper around the scales contained various 'challenges'.

Inside The Wonderful World of Abstraction

The Wonderful World of Abstraction, formed of thousands of metres of ribbon, had no instructions but was fun and even slightly disorienting to move through.

I really enjoyed the interactive quality of this exhibition! The only other people there at the time were some parents and a couple of children, but they seemed to be enjoying it too.

On Balance is at Fabrica until 26th May.

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