Monday, 19 May 2014

The Man In Slacks

I pinched this pic from Komedia's page. Sorry!

Yesterday brought another trip into Brighton, this time with my parents and youngest sister, to see Terry Garoghan is the Man in Slacks at the Brighton Komedia.

The show was part of Brighton Fringe and featured award-winning Terry Garoghan, who chatted and played guitar and sang songs about middle age (and dogs).

I used to listen to Terry Garoghan's radio show, Last Bus to Whitehawk, when I was in school--it was a night-time show and I'd often listen when I was meant to be sleeping! Memories of that show, and his songs from Brighton the Musical left me looking forward to The Man in Slacks!

I thoroughly enjoyed the humour and music, even though I've got some time before I'll be middle aged! About halfway through, he introduced cellist Angie Wilson to the stage. She is super-skilled and it really changed up the atmosphere of the performance.

Terry was giving out copies of his CD, The Aunty Flo Slide Show, which features songs from The Man in Slacks.

The show included some audience participation and there were lots of laughs to be had. I fully recommend checking this show out, though if you're planning to go you'd better hurry up, as the last Brighton Fringe performance is Bank Holiday Monday, 26th May. Get your slacks skates on!

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