Friday, 2 May 2014

The End (of the Month)


I’ve already posted a little about this past week – the kilo sale and Parklife café – but here’s a round-up of the rest.

On Monday 28th  I transplanted parsley seedlings into their own individual pots. Once they’ve grown more, they’ll go into large pots instead. 

My window sill is presently covered in small pots and seed trays! I feel so green-fingered, even though I barely know anything about plants haha

Tuesday 29th was my birthday. I went to the vintage clothes kilo sale and had tea and cake, but I also did a little shopping! 

I found a book and some crafting stuff in The Works. I like this shop, but don’t get to go there often.

On the way back to the car, my sister and I spotted a little garden that had been yarn bombed! The tree had a stylish stripy jumper.

Another tree was adorned in knitted creatures: sheep, cow, spider (complete with web)...

And a little red frog!

Upon returning home, I found a parcel waiting for me on the doorstep. Hurrah, happy post!
It contained sukekiyo’s newly released album, Immortalis. It came with a poster, which I was not expecting!

Wednesday 30th was one of those quiet, getting-the-little-things-done days: small repair jobs, writing up blog posts, putting laundry away, and of course continuing to enter competitions. This competition/giveaway list goal is becoming a bit of a daunting one; sometimes it’s really hard to find new prize draws to enter!

On Thursday 1st, my month of doing was officially over! I went shopping with my mum and sister (birthday money, hurrah!) and yes, entered more competitions.

Today was, of course, another day of volunteering. Mostly it was a usual volunteering day, but today I was spoilt with birthday things! A delicious lemon drizzle cake (which the group of us ate rather quickly!), a bunch of flowers, and some presents :) I feel very appreciated, and of course very grateful!

Tomorrow is the start of Brighton Festival/Fringe Festival, so I plan to travel there and check it out!

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