Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Cookies, Fruit & Marmalade

Although it's rather terrible of me to make a third chocolate-related post in a row, I'm going to anyway!

Once again I've been eating chocolate (do I ever stop?) and have three more bars to write about. This time includes chocolate from Lithuania!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo
Wrapped in Cadbury’s iconic purple, this bar is made of milk chocolate with an Oreo filling.
The filling comprises of the white filling found in Oreos, with tiny pieces of the biscuit. 

It’s rich, creamy and tasty but like with packs of Oreos, it’s impossible to eat the whole lot in one go (then again, I did have a 120g bar...)
Definitely one for Oreo lovers and a good one for dunking in tea!

Vilinaus Pergalē ‘Pergalē Spring Edition’
Milk chocolate with wild berry and filling
Thanks to the glory that is 99p stores, I was able to buy something a little outside of the usual choice of chocolate bars! A little Internet search tells me that Vilinaus Pergalē is a Lithuanian chocolate manufacturer. This is the first time I’ve tried Lithuanian chocolate! 

The squares are a good size and are filled with a ‘wild berry’ filling that’s akin to the fruit creams found in tins of chocolate. The ingredients information tells me the filling is raspberry, bilberry, blackberry, strawberry and wild cherry. I wish the squares were deeper so they held more of the filling because it gets a bit lost in the chocolate. However, it’s still really tasty. I ate the whole bar in a day and feel so greedy!

Kingdom Dark Chocolate & Orange Marmalade Centre
Dark chocolate with milk chocolate and orange marmalade ganache filling.
This one really stood out from the shelves because the packaging is bright orange! I liked the idea of marmalade chocolate so had to try this one.
It’s another of those bars where the scent hits you the moment you peel back the wrapper: glorious cocoa goodness! The orange flavour is well balanced against the dark chocolate: it doesn’t get lost in the chocolate flavour, or overpower it. 

Worth mentioning that this chocolate bar is made using ‘ethical Ugandan cocoa with the Cocoa Development Project’, and the information on the pack confirms that the product is free from GM, gluten, colouring and preservatives. Yay!
Being dark chocolate, it’s easy to be satisfied with just a few squares. I finished off the bar as I wrote this, and washed it down with a glass of Prosecco to celebrate my mum’s birthday!

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