Saturday, 14 June 2014

Go-Go-Goji and Pass the Parsley

Goji berry seedlings

You may recall that one of the goals on The List was:
060. Grow a plant from seeds and give cuttings to people
I can now say this is complete!

Well, I didn't give cuttings to people, but I planted so many Parsley and Goji Berry seeds that they took over my window sill! So some of them had to go.

Parsley seedlings

These plants have done pretty well, considering my ham-fisted way of potting them all up from the seed tray! I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to gardening so this was just about all I could manage.

The parsley in particular went utterly mad, very quickly. I planted some up in larger pots and gave the rest to a neighbour, who then gave me some larger plant pots for my goji berry plants!

I kept five of the goji berry plants and took the rest - 23 in total - to a local charity shop. The shop does a good trade in plants, especially during this time of year, and I knew they'd be appreciated!

The plant in the front right of the above picture is from another batch of seeds sent to me by a friend, and has since been planted up in the garden and is very close to blooming! Yay!

(You might also notice that the radiator has changed between pictures 2 and 4. This is thanks to a gas leak, replacement boiler and new pipe run, leading to new radiators too...arrrgh...)

Anyway. My goji berry plants can't be planted outside until the middle of next year. I potted them on today in pots given to me by both my neighbour and my Nan, and I'm hoping they grow strong (but not too wild) over the next year! They should start to grow fruit next year, harvestable in July to October. Watch this space to find out if it happens (and if it does, what I think of them. There's a rather nice sounding recipe for goji and pork dumplings inside the seed packet.)

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  1. It's great that you're growing plants & that you donated some as well. That's such a lovely idea! ^.^ I want to grow goji berries too now (you're a garden trendsetter ;P).