Sunday, 15 June 2014


At the beginning of the month, I decided to start on another goal from The List:
025. Write 1 haiku per day for 1 month
Originally I planned to update every 5-10 days, but that fell by the wayside as I became distracted by blogging about chocolate!

Now we're halfway through the month, I have 15 attempts at haiku, so it's time I posted them!
The dates are noted as proof that I have been writing one each day ;)

Mostly I've used the happenings of the day to inspire me: a birthday, a lost button, the weather, and so on. 

Chipped water glasses
Languish dusty in cupboard
Waiting to be filled

Gurgle, grumble, groan--
Monster disliked his last meal
What a stomach ache!

The fastest haiku
I nearly went to my bed
Without writing one!

Pop! Clatter! Ping! Oh!
Tiny missile takes journey
I lost a button

Red-crowned head rises,
Silken shreds of ribbon stir—
Sunrise: the cock crows

Spiders scatter forth
Dust rises, cobwebs empty
Spring cleaning season

Flowers aplenty
Stand tall beside gifts and cards
Happy Birthday Mum!

Sunny summer day
Expert removes kitchen wall:
Demolition Dad.

(We now have a kitchen-diner...)

Innocuous block
Wheel spins, numbers multiply
How much do I weigh?!

Suddenly a pop
Abundance of dark water
Radiator leak

This happened to our bathroom radiator, thankfully whilst I was out!

Comfortable armchair
Daytime television show
A trip to Nanny’s

Softly lapping waves
Wash golden sand with shells
Wings spread, seagull soars

Humid miasma
Shoppers thirst for a bargain
Cold cola and ice

Overnight rainfall
Wilting plants lift drooped heads
And burst into bloom

Clouds drift across sky
Lawnmower drones distantly
Sunday afternoon

The last one is a definite snapshot of the day--a very lazy Sunday afternoon! 
I'm getting into the flow of writing haiku now, I think, though I still need to try harder. I have the rest of the month to improve! 

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  1. These are good! I particularly like the ones from the 5th and 15th of June because they seem to capture the whole atmosphere of the day yet use so few words. Good luck with writing the others!