Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Fairly recently I added another goal to The List:
071. Have a picnic
I added this because I've not picniced since I was a child--I remember going off on walks with my family, and a spread of delicious food being brought out of a cool box in some expanse of grass.

My neighbour and I had arranged to explore some of the local public footpaths today, so I jumped at the chance to bring along a picnic. After our wander along footpaths and through fields, we found a nice area amongst some trees, spread out a tablecloth tucked into a pile of junk food!
I don't feel guilty for the junk food though--I burned it all off during the walk! Hurrah!

It was nice to walk in the countryside and to stop for some food towards the end of it. One day I'll do this again, with a picnic hamper of ham sandwiches, scones and tea in a thermos flask!

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