Monday, 7 July 2014


Realised that there is no way I'll even start the Couch to 5k running plan. My motivation is practically non-existent and as I originally wrote, I was concerned about how it would effect my knees (knee trouble is a thing in my family!)

So I am swapping out that goal on The List! 

Old goal:
045. Complete Couch to 5k running plan

New goal:
045. Complete the 100 Push Ups training program
(I may seriously regret this...even one knee-push up is a challenge!)

Also, I am still looking for ideas for things to add to The List.

I've written before that I want goals that will:
  • Expand my Horizons
  • Broaden my Knowledge
  • Improve my Health
  • Challenge my Creativity
  • Challenge my Self
  • Be fun!
 Please comment if you have ideas! :D


  1. You seem to be making good progress with your list! I can think of some suggestions...

    - Write 3 songs/pieces of music (and let people hear them)
    - Attend 3 lectures/talks (they sometimes have these at museums and galleries, but it could be on any subject really)
    - Make a short film/animation (at least 15 minutes for a film or 5 minutes for an animation)
    - Identify 20 species of wildlife, with an accompanying photo/drawing of each
    - Listen to 20 songs in 20 different languages
    - Read 5 books on philosophy
    - Do a cardio workout at least once a week for 6 weeks
    - Learn 3 dance routines (any kind of dance you like, even parapara! ;D)
    - Try a sport you've never tried before
    - Go scuba diving
    - Read a fiction book in another language (you choose the language)
    - Explore a cave
    - Create two different SFX/fantasy make-up designs (Bonus: try them out on yourself/someone else)
    - Keep a travel journal in the style of 18th/19th century travelers
    - Write a play
    - Try 25 different flavours of tea
    - Memorise the flags of every county in the UK (and I guess memorise the counties too ;P)
    - Try to make something delicious using at least one thing you usually hate the taste of
    - When you wake up, write down 3 reasons that you're amazing, everyday for a month
    - Keep a dream journal & illustrate it
    - Reupholster an item of furniture
    - Make 3 sculptures (using any medium you like)

    I don't know if any of those would interest you, but maybe if they don't they'll at least inspire one or two ideas you DO want to do? :) Good luck!

    1. Wow thanks for all the suggestions! There are a few that I'll be adding to my list :D There are more that I like the idea of, but I'm not sure if they're going to be I'm keeping them noted in case the opportunity arises! ;)