Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Nutty Viennese Bee

It's chocolate time again!

This time I tried out some chocolate that I've had for a while - as far back as Christmas! - but never got around to eating. Until now. ;)

Rococo Chocolates ‘Bee Bar’: Chilli Pepper
This 20g bar comes wrapped in white paper with a quaint red design on the front. Under the paper is silver paper foil, and when you unwrap that, the scent of dark chocolate wafts out to meet you.
The bar itself is separated into four rectangles, each of which has a little bee moulded into it. Being good quality chocolate it makes a nice snapping sound when breaking a piece off, though admittedly the temptation is there to simply bite pieces from the bar and gobble it down immediately! 

When it comes to flavour, the Chilli Pepper taste is subtle and builds gradually, enhancing the taste of the chocolate--which is minimum 65% cocoa solids and utterly sublime. Oh, and did I mention it’s organic?
The inside of the outer wrapper is printed with the history behind Rococo Chocolates and their products. From this I learn that the bee on the bar is from their 19th century French mould catalogue!
This is amazing chocolate and currently top of my recommendations list!

Thorntons Continental Viennese
Wrapped in pale pink plastic with sweet black designs, this bar defines itself as, ‘light chocolate mousse in a special blend of white and milk chocolate’
I tried one of the Thorntons Continental bars (Sicilian) right at the beginning of my 50 New Chocolates adventure, and found it a little too rich, but this bar has much lighter flavour to it. 

The outer shell of the bar is soft chocolate with a dusting of sugar on top (more sugar, always good!) whilst the filling is a lovely fluffy mousse. According to the wrapper, this bar has minimum 30% cocoa solids.
I’ve been trying to eat more healthily recently so haven’t had that much chocolate, but this was a nice treat.

Waitrose Seriously Nutty
A pistachio, hazelnut and almond milk chocolate bar, another with a double-layer of wrapping: shiny green and black paper on the outside, with sealed foil underneath.
I received this one for my birthday back in April, but put off eating it because I’m not a huge fan of nutty chocolate. However, I was pleasantly surprised! The nuts are in tiny pieces, making the bar pleasantly crunchy, rather than chunky. 

The chocolate is flavoursome and the squares break off easily, though it was a little melted due to the hot weather!
This 39% cocoa bar is definitely one I would recommend if you like nuts and chocolate, but usually struggle to enjoy nuts in chocolate. It’s good! 

Well, that's it for chocolate for the time being. I'm now up to 13 different types out of the goal of 50 as on The List. To see more of my chocolate-related posts, see this handy tag!

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