Sunday, 6 July 2014

Teatime and the Colour of Smoke and Mist

Teatime in the Forest, March 2014

Way back when I wrote The List, I included a goal about painting...
055. Create 52 Paintings in 1 Year
Ten, fifteen years ago, I painted fairly often (acrylics being my medium of choice) and whilst I was never going to become the next Warhol or Waterhouse, I got enjoyment out of using my imagination, creating the vision on paper, and carefully mixing the perfect shade for skintone, the sky, etc.

So I decided to create this goal, in the hope it would get me back into the habit of painting. As I wrote on The List, knowing what I am like when it comes to creative pursuits, that could well be ten in a week, then nothing for six months! This still holds true, as I painted nothing in May and very little in April. Now I'm getting in my stride, and with a project to share with you soon, I thought it's high time I actually, you know, shared what I've done so far.

Today's theme is fanart: All three paintings seen here are artistic representations of the objects of my fandoms. In this case, Japanese music!

Teatime in the Forest (above): Inspired by a darling little acorn teaset I saw online. Depicts Full (Shilfee and Tulipcorobockles, ex-Guniw Tools) and Ryutaro (Plastic Tree) as Little Forest People, taking tea. I read somewhere that they are real-life buddies so it seemed the obvious choice for a tea party.
Medium: Watercolour and fineliner on plain paper.
Size: 19.5x16.5cm

The Colour of Music, March 2014

The Colour of Music: This one happened whilst chatting online to a friend, so she is entirely to blame :)  My thoughts with this was, what if you could see music? 
Once again I depicted Full (see above) in this. His music videos always have a bit of a surreal quality, so I thought it was fitting! Eating cake is utA (sukekiyo, ex-9GOATS BLACK OUT)...9goats also had some rather surreal music videos. The tea and cake is there because...tea and cake is good, isn't it?
Medium: Watercolour and fineliner on watercolour paper.
Size: 18x15cm

Smoke and Mist, April 2014

Smoke and Mist: Again, a fanart of Full...This time more realistic and without buddies (or tea, or cake). I rediscovered my absolute dislike of drawing hands with this one, but I'm pleased with how the smoke turned out!
Medium: Watercolour on watercolour paper.
Size: 17.7x24cm

So that's it for the time being. I hadn't posted any of this here until now because, frankly, I forgot. It is only due to a recent painting project (in which I painted many pictures) I remembered this goal!

Hopefully I shall be able to post most of the images I create in grouped themes.

I'm hoping to improve somewhat through doing this. I really need to invest in some masking fluid to use with watercolour, and learn how to use it (saying that, I really need to learn how to use watercolour...!)

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  1. These are wonderfully whimsical! The grumpy expressions of everyone in the first two pictures is amusing and, in the second one, Full reminds me a bit of Snufkin from The Moomins (that's not a bad thing, by the way :P). Also, the way the smoke is curling around him in the last one is beautiful *.* Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork soon ^.^