Monday, 10 August 2015

What Do Vegans Put On Toast?

Last month, whilst out with Mum, we ended up going to Mama Ghanoushe for lunch. Situated in the village of Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, Mama Ghanoushe offers a range of vegeterian, vegan, raw and gluten free foods.

We probably spent ten minutes trying to decide what to have, because there were so many delicious-sounding choices!

I opted for avocado on toasted artisan bread, which came with a delicious salad!
I nearly forgot to take a picture, because I was pretty hungry...

Although avocado on toast sounds like a really simple meal, this was amazingly delicious. Admittedly I left the tomatoes (I can't stand them; I asked for mine without them but they arrived with...) but the rest was really tasty, and definitely worth the price.

Drink-wise, I had a natural sparkling rose drink.
This cafe was great in that they offer advice to anyone with allergies/dietary requirements as to what foods on their menu are suitable. It's nice to see somewhere go that extra length to help people find something tasty!

Really enjoyed the food; if I'm ever there again I know I'll be spoilt for choice.


  1. Damn raw tomatoes! Haha. Really though, that place seems great :) And yay for baby spinach leaves & avocados <3