Thursday, 18 May 2017

Moulettes @ Brighton Spiegeltent

Brighton Fringe Festival always brings some great events, and this year that included a gig by the band Moulettes, which I went to yesterday with a friend.
I saw this talented bunch of people at Hurst Festival back in 2015, and was impressed then, so it was good to have the chance to see another of their performances.

This time around, the gig was in the Brighton Spiegeltent, one of the pop-up venues for Brighton Fringe Festival.

It's at the Old Steine Gardens, which is  short walk from the seafront and the pier, and not much further from a car park, which is rather handy!

I'd not been to this venue before, so didn't know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the red velvety roof and giant glitterball, upholstered booths around the edge, carousel-like poles and mirrored columns, and a large standing space in front of the stage (and of course, a bar at the back). From the inside, it would be hard to guess that it's a temporary structure!

Last time I saw this band, I think they were promoting their third album; this time it was their fourth, Preternatural, which has songs about cephelapods and puffa fish. Which might sound weird and horrifying, but weird is good and these songs are far from horrifying. I preordered the album and had it on repeat for A Long Time.

With female-fronted vocal harmonies and a musical style that's really hard to place (psychedelic? rock? folk? neo-classical????) this is a band that appeals to a seriously diverse audience. Which I think shows not only how good they are, but that songs about immortal jellyfish and mind-control parasites are what the people want!

Seriously though, their music is unique, their lyrics quirky and intelligent, and you will not leave a Moulettes gig without some random little factlets relating to the inspiration behind the songs (like the aforementioned immortal jellyfish).

Glad to have got to this gig, they were even more energetic than last time, and it was good to hear some favourite songs performed live!

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