Wednesday, 1 November 2017

October Roundup & 365

Chill and Mist (300/365)
Well, despite my intention to get my butt into gear and work on more goals from The List, this blog totally fell by the wayside again during October.
Maybe it's because the weather is getting colder, maybe I'm just tired of the same goals and lacking in motivation, but I only managed to complete one goal this month:
068. Send Happy Post to 5 people
I wrote about it a few days ago; those who received happy post know who they are (and as for what they are? Awesome is the answer). 

Of course, I also continued taking photos for 365 Project:

October 365 Project photos. Click to view larger (on 365 Project page)
October 365 Project Photos. Click to see larger (on my 365 Project page)
Once again I've struggled a little with ideas. I know I could simply make snapshots day to day, but I went into this project wanting to stretch my fingers creatively. I want to end up with a collection of 365 photos that I'm proud of (though I have a fair few 'meh photos' amongst the bunch!)

Asides from happy post and photography, during October I also:
  • Finished the Japanese course on Duolingo (I still don't remember anything, haha)
  • Picked up German on Duolingo again (I gave up a couple of years ago. Haven't forgotten as much as I thought!)
  • Drew more hands (goal #001; I mostly did this whilst waiting for things like computer scans/backups/etc)
  • Did 99% of my Christmas shopping. Yes, I know it's early. But it's almost finished and I don't have to stress over it, hurrah!
  • Made plans to go to two events in November. Yay!
Hopefully having plans in November means I'll actually update more than once this month, but only time will tell!


  1. 日本語のコースを修了するのをおめでとう!
    You're getting loads done, that's fantastic. Hope you have fun at the events you go to. :D

    1. ありがとうございます~☆
      Doesn't really feel like I'm getting much done, all my goals have kind of fallen by the wayside lol One of the events is Hyper Japan! FEMM are playing there, and I missed them last time they played London, so yay!