Saturday, 7 February 2015

Little Deer Daydreams

Visitors to this blog may have noticed the tab at the top, 'Little Deer Daydreams @ Etsy'.
The curious may have clicked on it to find it led to an empty Etsy shop. Oops?

My Etsy shop has been much neglected over the past six months (did my listings really expire last Summer?!)

At last, I have revived the store, renewed some listings and widened my product range!
Previously all I tended to sell was necklaces...

Some were more simple, like the wire-wrapped pale amethyst pendant above, whilst others were chunkier, such as the hematite, smoky quartz and snowflake obsidian necklace below.

Most of the items on Little Deer Daydreams, such as the necklace above, are one of a kind. Even the simpler, easy to replicate styles are unique in their own way, as no two gemstones are completely alike.

Along with necklaces, I've now included earrings and rings!.

I've always loved to upcycle, so as well as being unique, a lot of items that end up in my Etsy shop have been made from old items sourced at second hand fairs, flea markets, or just 'inherited' from family members. This gives my products a more unusual edge, and means that once something is gone, there's unlikely to be another one!

Of course in some cases I'll be able to make several of a design, though I'll only ever list them one at a time.
Even with the simple styles, I endeavour to make each piece similar but not identical. This could be through utilising the natural forms of components, such as the lapis lazuli earrings above, or rotating a decoration on its base, such as the Art Nouveau style ring below.
I love the ring and am tempted to keep one for myself!

At present, the products in my store are made using metals and gemstones, but I'll soon be adding some different items: other colours, items made with vintage pieces, lace, tassels and more!

Yes, it is the hand of a vintage doll.
Dressed with vintage lace and modern trim;)
There will be jewellery both understated and outlandish, both weird and wonderful--hopefully, something for everyone!

Hematite, quartz and bead bracelet - Coming Soon!
I'll be adding bracelets as well, and perhaps some brooches. I'm giving Doing A Thing readers a sneaky peak at a couple of my soon to come products :)

Each item gets shipped off in its own little gift box, inside a padded envelope.

I'm waiting on some more boxes right now so that I can list some of my bigger, more unusual necklaces!

Until then, Little Deer Daydreams has a lovely selection of gemstone jewellery--most of it completely unique.

...I really should have made 'Revive Etsy Shop' a goal on The List, shouldn't I?!
Oh well. I'm still Doing Something!

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  1. So unusual, I also love your spoon necklace!