Sunday, 15 February 2015

1 Year, 52 Paintings - Goal #55 Masterpost

After completing 52 paintings inside 12 months - goal #55 on The List - I figured it might be easier to create a masterpost to display everything together!

Here are my 52 paintings.
I've sorted them into categories, but have numbered them according to the order I painted them in.

Clicking the thumbnail will take you to the post containing that painting.

01. Teatime in the Forest 02. The Colour of Music
03. Smoke and Mist 29. The Visitor
30. Picnic 31. Gee Up!
35. Giftart for friend 38. New Year at 221b
50. Steve Finn and the Cute Lamp

Folk Tales of the Sea People
07. Folk Tales of the 
Sea People
08. Halwyn, or A Pinch
of Salt
09. A Havsrå's Fortune

10. Yam and the Octopus
11. Golden Scales 12. The Clam Keeper and
the Sailor
13. A Pearl for
Your Daughter
14. How Helle Found
the Monster
15. The Gentleman
16. The Woman on
the Pier
17. Three Brothers
and a Draug
18. A Dragon in
the Sea
19. The Wily Old Glashtyn 20. A Raft on the Lagoon
21. Six Silly Sisters

22. The Fish Who
Grew Legs
23. Fresh Water and
Salt Water
24. Back Cover/Contents
(The Octopus is Back!)

05. A Dream Among
06. Red Noon
41. A Stage of
42. Sheltered Life
43. Crossed Paths 44. A Closed Door
45. Mourners of
Mountain Moon
49. Inside

37. Nacho Party 39. The Gathering
51. Watching From
on High

Sea & Sky
25. As Darkness Falls 1 26. As Darkness Falls 2
27. As Darkness Falls 3 28. Dissolve
32. Fairground at Night 33. Flight to the Stars
34. Somewhere Far Away

47. Morning on the
Shores of Mist
48. Catch the Moon,
Steal the Stars

04. Daisy 36. Cocooned (Coco)
40. Rosie 46. Self Portrait
with Catbeard
52. Forest Shaman

So, that's it! Although I categorised these, I still managed to start with #1 and finish with #52!
Looking at these, I can see how my skills have improved and where my style has developed and changed a little.

My favourites of each category are:
Fanart: Gee Up!
Folk Tales of the Sea People: Fresh Water and Salt Water
Surreal: A Closed Door
Nature: Nacho Party
Sea & Sky: Catch the Moon, Steal the Stars
Portraits: Forest Shaman (though 'Self Portrait with Catbeard' comes a close second!)

Well, that's goal #55 completely done and dusted. Hope you've enjoyed seeing my paintings over the past year. This year I'll see if I can do more Doing!


  1. Great post! That's really cool to see them all together. I really like Gee Up too. I like Fairground at Night and your self-portrait a lot too.

  2. These are all really wonderful! It's great that your creativity ranges from surreal scenes and gorgeous landscapes to cheerful fanart and strange humour. You should be really proud of yourself for finishing these! :D