Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Gathering

The Gathering, January 2015
Yup, this is another art post. Technically this does count as Doing, even though it's not Going Out And Doing.

I flew into a bit of a panic a few days ago when I realised how many paintings I have left to paint before the beginning of March. My goal was to complete 52 within a year, with the first one being painted on 3rd March (though I didn't share it until July, whoops).

So I got on and created some more paintings, and here is one of them.

The Gathering
I wanted to paint something magical set at night, with lots of tree silhouettes and so on. So I painted a gathering of fairies/elementals--but of course, we can't see anything of them but light and energy!
The grass posed a problem, and the trees took ages to paint, but I enjoyed painting them.
Medium: Watercolour on watercolour paper
Size: A5

By the way, if you've started to think this is a blog solely about what I do when I'm sitting on my butt...that is going to change! Next week, I'm planning to go ice skating with my sisters, which will not only be another goal off The List, but a real challenge as I've never tried it before!
Our ice skating adventure won't be at any old rink, but somewhere rather special.
Watch this space!


  1. That picture is gorgeous; it really does look magical!
    Looking forward to seeing where your ice skating adventure takes you :)

  2. I love the silhouettes with the sky and moon behind them. Lovely! Good luck ice skating.