Friday, 30 January 2015

Self Portrait with Catbeard

Self Portrait with Catbeard, January 2015
Self Portrait with Catbeard
This is it, the final painting for this goal:
055. Create 52 paintings in 1 year.
All the others have been posted, though this is actually #46.

I realised that I hadn't attempted a self portrait, in fact it's a topic I usually avoid. So I thought I would paint one, but with a difference. Well, if people can take photographs like this, I sure can paint this selfie!

The cat in the painting is Alfie, who tends to follow me around (and trip me up) and sleep in my room and get hair all over my clothes, so it only seemed right to include him in the picture!

I discovered through this image that hair is not as easy to paint with watercolours as it is to 'paint' in Photoshop (no surprise there, really). It was also difficult to mix my hair colour, which is currently a reddish brown!

Still, I like this as it's a bit silly. :)

Well, that's the goal done and dusted!
I'll eventually make a master post with all 52 pictures as thumbnails linking to their corresponding blog post. For the time being, you can browse the paintings by checking out the tag for goal 55.


  1. This picture is adorable & a fun take on the catbeard selfie :) Love it!

    Congratulations on completing your goal~☆

  2. Congratulations on this big accomplishment! Cool self-portrait. I like your idea of the master post, too.