Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sewing Me, Sewing You...

Recently I added a new goal to The List:
089. Make 3 items of clothing from patterns
Alright, so this is another goal that doesn't really involve Going Out And Doing, aside from the initial buying of fabrics and notions.

What this goal will do is 'Challenge my Self' and 'Enhance my Skills'--two more reasons for starting The List.

Curtain Skirt at Unfortunately Oh!
Click image to see tutorial! :)
When it comes to sewing, I'm very lazy.
I don't use patterns if I can help it, and when I do, I don't stick to them. Once I have the basic shape around the neck/arms, I tend to guess my way to the end.

Refashioned Wrestling Tee at Unfortunately Oh!
Click image to see tutorial! :)
I chop patterns about, add darts, stick two patterns together to make a different one...

Swishy Maxi Skirt at Unfortunately Oh!
Click image to see tutorial :)
Or I abandon them altogether and resort to pinning bits of fabric on myself, in which case I usually end up pinning my fingers too. Ow.

Floral Dress Refasion at Unfortunately Oh!
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So I came up with this goal.

I might not use the patterns shown in the picture, though Burda Style has some good things in it!

For the record, the McCall's pattern is the best £3.25 I've spent. There's two copies of it crammed into that envelope now, and I use it for almost every cosplay/fancy dress costume that I make, be it dresses, tops, tunics or coats.

Of course, I don't always stick to the pattern...

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  1. Late comment but....your clothing always comes out really wonderfully unique and stylish! Whichever patterns you decide to stick with I'm sure you'll create something fabulous ^^